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  1. TurnyBright

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  2. killerweed420

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    Got to be a hoax. If it really was bigfoot there would be a lot more media attention. Plus I'm sure you would have some universities screaming to get the body to investigate it.
  3. jimmy8778

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    harry and the hendersons was on this morning. bigfoot exists, and is a great actor.
  4. RobPA

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    They said there would be scientific proof released today, lol im waiting to read that until I make an opinion if its real or not.
  5. cygnustaxt

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    there's no way that could be the real bigfoot. If it was, there would be more than two pictures that have horrible quality. Plus, it doesn't even look that big, just looks like a halloween costume in a big box.
  6. CanaDanKs Inc.

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    hey, like mitch hedberg said...I think the problem with bigfoot is that bigfoot itself is blurry...that's why we can't get a good shot of it.

  7. Algag

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    Well these folks made the front page of Yahoo, although they do still appear to be hoaxsters.
  8. matthiasj

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  9. the image reaper

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    I knew it was a hoax as soon as I saw the photo ... it's my 2nd wife, and I see she finally started shaving a little :jointsmile:
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  10. Sir Bliss

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    FUCK! I bet someone five dollars it was real. Never smoke a blunt and then make bets on bigfoot. It won't end well..

  11. Nightcrewman

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    I didn't know you had been married to her as well. LOL

  12. mmjnoob

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    Publicity stunts ftw. They made TIME too.
    Bigfoot Corpse Found in Georgia? - TIME
  13. gethighgirrl

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    well since i live in ga it's just been bigfoot mania down here on every type of forum for the last week or so and from what i can tell it looks like one big hoax.

    i just find it very hard to believe that the picture they gave is actually bigfoot.

    it looks like some random guy threw a $5 mask from partycity with their grandmother's old rug in a freezer, took a picture of it, and sent it to the newspaper.

  14. TurnyBright

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    It would be pretty fun to pull a huge hoax on the country. The next one to roll around will probably have me behind it.
  15. cygnustaxt

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    hahaha dude I love Mitch Hedberg, I thought of that same thing right after I made that post too, :thumbsup:
  16. painretreat

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    now they say it was mostly a costume hidden for them.

    Bigfoot seekers, mad and want to sue, can't find who planted the fun! pr :Rasta:
  17. theforthdrive

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    words to live by!
  18. Chong Version 2.0

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    I think it would be awesome if Bigfoot existed. If he does exist, these hoaxes are indirectly preventing him from being discovered, which could be a good thing.
  19. Nightcrewman

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