Bill Clinton: Hillary 'couldn't prevail' against FBI and Russia hacking

Discussion in 'Politics' started by katsung47, Dec 22, 2016.

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    Hahaha! It must suck to be Bill...
    Folks need to quit bein' so whiny. :p
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    940. The FBI interfere US president election (12/29/2016)

    The FBI played an active role to interfere the US 2016 president election. It hit Democrate's nominee Hillary Clinton by email gate to help its candidate Donald Trump. The evident scene was in July 5 during Chilcot report. "FBI Director Comey potentially gave Clinton’s political rivals some ammunition, conceding there was "evidence of mishandling” classified information and that an FBI employee who did the same “would face consequences for this.”
    The FBI didn't indict Clinton because they have no evidence that Clinton intended to do wrong with her email setup."( In fact, this is common for others. Powell had done samething. Why they beat the drum this time on Clinton? Because this time the FBI need a candidate of their own to handle a criminal case. So they determined to help Trump to win the election. This was also the time the Feds made a secret deal with Russian to hack Clinton's computer.

    So then Trump started to call for Russian's help. Why not China? Because he knew they had a deal with Russia already.

    What Russian had hacked? Maybe there was something important. Because in President Debate, Trump intimidated his rival hillary that he'd have special prosecutor and "you'd be in jail".

    On 10/28, the FBI director Comey reopened Clintion email investigation, then dramatically dropped the investigation on 11/6. A powerful department of the nation so openly, actively interfere in president election is unprecedented.
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    The best moment of the "debates", by far. A genuine LOL moment... :D
    Oopsie! :p
    Slamming the door on the Clinton Cartel, was a beautiful thing. (it's gonna be a long 4 years, though)

    Good to see you're still with us. :awesome:
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    The emails were a nothing story that the media happily inflated to boost Donald Trump and add drama to the presidential campaign.

    What Comey did was provide fuel to an already burning media fire, but the collusion to elect Trump goes beyond Comey and Russia to the heart of the media and how the corporate press picked a president.
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    I think it was Bill Cosby.
    He needed a diversion. :awesome:
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    941. Payment to Russia for hacking in US election (1/4/2017)

    Of course, Russia won't do it for free. There must be a secret deal between the intelligence of the two countries. We outsiders can only see it from some facts.

    The secret deal: Hacked email were handed to Wikileaks to issue to hit Hillary Clinton.

    The payment of secret deal:

    1. Aleppo falls (or "liberated" from Russia side) on 12/15. Resistance and civil withdraw from East Aleppo by bus. Five years fight ends. A big victory for Russia and its allies.

    2. Economic interest.

    Putin dismissed the notion that he was only interested in getting economic benefits from Japan.

    "If anyone thinks we’re interested only in developing economic links and a peace deal is of secondary importance, that’s not the case," he told the same news conference. That's all for the controversial islands. He went Japan just for those business deals.

    You may say that's something between Russia and Japan. The Truth is Japan is the pocket slave of the US. If you still remember Trump claims credit for $50 billion investment by Japanese firm and 7 billion from a Taiwan firm. They were puppet nations that have to pay their defense share that Trump demands. Include that payment to Russia for the US sake.

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