Birth control pills really work!

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by thegreengiant, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. thegreengiant

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    I read in a few books and on a few sites that birthcontrol pills have ben known to increase the growth of tomato plants and that It might work with cannabis plants. I dissolved 1 pill in 1 gallon of water with my fert and fed to 3 of my 4 plants till it ran out, once before flowering and once during.
    The 3 plants I gave it to have grown much faster and the buds are so dence, covered in crystals, the other is good to but not in the same league.
    Im growing in a perilite soil mixture btw.
    thought id let u know as it has worked.
    try it.
    The green giant
  2. sawleaf

    sawleaf Registered+

    Wow that is pretty cool. I have read about that also. Did you flush the plant properly for 2-3 weeks prior to harvest? I'm not sure how they would effect the smoke. But it's good to hear a growing myth confirmed! :)
  3. marinesf22

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    What if the birth control pills were in the weed? Could it have adverse effects on males?
  4. Tech

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    He he you won,t have to worry about the girlies getting polanated by the males.
  5. sawleaf

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    That's why I asked if he flushed the plants properly. :)
  6. Phreakish

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    You said u done this in controlled enviromental states where all the plants were from the same mother, clones, and where they had same conditions?

    I know that I did tries with this under extreme controlled forms and we found that out of our three trials with 10 plants each, 10 with, ten without, we saw no such development. We did these experiments for three turns, diffrent times, diffrent feeding of the hormones, diffrent lighting and nutrients combined with the hormones. We could not see any of those results you talk about. Sorry but I do not believe it was about the hormones in your case.

    We also found that when my friend tested oil extracted from the plants at his work, there were traces of the hormones even after we flushed the soil during 2 weeks prior to harvest.

    Would you tell me more about the conditions of your plants and how controlled enviromental conditions you had performing this procedure.
  7. magneslee

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    and of corse exactly what brand of pill and dosage
  8. smokejaguar

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    To my knowledge there is no botanical use for human hormones.They dont need them, and cant use them.Their present in the plant only means they were taken up with the water.Also after the MJ is smoked,or baked hormones will be destroyed,therefore no carry over to humans.This is one of those theories that comes around often, as it circles the bowl.-usdi Agaluga
  9. guerrilla farmer

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    the theory is that the hormones increase growth rate, yield, etc. right? well then...why not just use hormones that are specifically designed for plants? or am i missing something?
  10. jacquelyne

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    Wouldnt u need to be careful if your a man smokin somethin that has birth control pills in it.It could stuff up your hormones or somethin i dunno really interesting thought though.
  11. Encatuse

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    Hmm, for those who have girlfriends who are on the pill.. I bet it would be ALOT easier to remember to have a joint every day at 6 pm then to swallow a pill...

    Okay, not realistic. ^.^
  12. Shadow Smoke

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    i'll have to do some testing on that 2 plants that grow normaly 2 with the pill and 2 with some other fert

    i also hear that if you play heavy meatle music at the plants they will grow and weight more, i might try that too if for nouthing else, to piss off my land lord :D

    try it and see if you get the same results

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