Black Gold and Nutes?

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by BlueBear, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. BlueBear

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    I am using Black Gold organic potting soil with 30 to 50% perlight and generally it can be used all the way through without problems for a complete grow. I am wanting to start up a additive nute program using Fox farm Tiger bloom and Liquid Karma. Does anyone use this program and if so I am wondering what feeding schedule you use? I am not adding any grow additives except for SuperThrive because I am doing SOG style grows and don't really veg for more than 10 days. Give me some input on bloom enhancers with the Black Gold soil.
    Thanks a bunch
  2. incognito570

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    follow the foxfarm feeding schedule........if you dont have 1 check out their website.
  3. BlueBear

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    I have the Fox farm chart and I will take a look at it. Any other feed back?
  4. mendokid

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    I used Black Gold one cycle back and it took me two full months to recover because I fertilized as usual. My normal strength ferts burned the heck out of the plants and stunted a few bad also.

    Try using half strength or at least keep it on the light side. I had to flush them and go down to 25% of what my chart said to fix my situation.

    Black gold may be a great potting soil stand alone but I am going back to my old organic potting soil.

  5. Tokudai

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    ^^ I agree.. BG was a little hot for my liking. Worked great for the early growth stages, when I didn't hardly feed them at all, but when feeding time started, it was a little intense

    Since then I have switched back to my sand/perlite/vermiculite mix - all nutrients are introduced by me when feeding and control is spot on. heh Don't forget to feed em though!

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