Black mamba ,sph(Mamba negra) autoauto

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    LOok a real mamba in the woods ,,,more like a white mamba right. Lol ...It's been almost eighty days since I first started this. and look what I got:( (10"h/2,1/2 cola thick.And maaan ... I think the world of all who do this in large quantities,, are the shit.. I started with three females last year and only two are still around, Haha.This mamba auto has been expose to so many temperatures it's been kinda though for her .if I can go back I would make many corrections,and probably do this out side,when????when this prohibition bullshit laws vanished from the land.For many of us we still have some time to go.but hey ,,,,it is what it is right???Anyway Thumbs if like.comment, whatever

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