black spots on leaves, wtf

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by magneslee, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. magneslee

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    just a quick quesion, what the hell?

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  2. magneslee

    magneslee Registered+

    their spredding, help
  3. ineedskillz

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    look's like spider mite's to me. Try a drop of sunlight dish soap in a spray bottle with water and completely soak the hole plant. repete every other day.
  4. deftdrummer

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    any luck with this method? I have just started using this method myself
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  5. stinkyattic

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    The black spots are bug shit. Mites, or whatever, you need to work on pest control. 3 steps I would take after washing the leaves with dish soap as suggested. You can just wash them once, then:
    1) sprinkle diatomaceous earth on the surface of the soil. This kills insects that live, breed, or land on the soil.
    2) mist the plant with neem oil. This kills mites if you have them and protects the plant from further attacks from any insect.
    3) put yellow sticky traps around your plants to monitor if the pests come back.

    BTW that damage looks like thrips, not mites. Mite damage can be most pronounced on the upper parts of the plant, and the chew spots are smaller. Thrips breed in the soil and munch on low leaves, and you can see bigger chew spots. That looks like thrips. So the diatomaceous earth is your best bet.
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  6. WimpyChimp

    WimpyChimp Banned

    bugs.......i got the same problem bro
  7. RudeBoy1989

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    yo does it go over the hole plant?? cuase i got black dots but much more and its side by side with a nother but only the spirits got the black spots?? whats that aobut from top to bottom the leaves look messed up too like bad their dryin up n such??should i eliminate the problem kill the plant??n if so is it a good idea to clone what i can off it b4?
  8. disrupt86

    disrupt86 Registered+

    no,dont kill the plant.your about to have a full blown infestation though soon you will see webs holding your leaves 2 gether and mites everywere,relax it happends to every one,you can also youse pyrythium bug doktor doom,i use this and it works well.yes cover the plant and keep it out of direct light so the leaves dont burn
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  9. killerGanjaXXX

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    spider mites?

    go get flora mite, avid, or green lights spray for mites. you need to do this asap. soak the top and bottoms of all the leaves. if your into flower more then two week just set of 3 foggers. one every other day while lights are off.
  10. VapedG13

    VapedG13 Registered+

    thrips I can see 2 of them in that 2nd photo..... little worm like creatures that jump and inch along...look in the upper middle of the leaf and the end of the leaf by the stem...see um:hippy:

    I have them on my plants too came from the soil

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  11. dreamzzz

    dreamzzz Registered

    black oily spots

    yours look nothing like mine..the spots are oily and wipe rite off..they kinda look like is what I thought it was but could this be bug droppings or mites?..the leaves are fine no brown or anything just black oily spots on a few leaves towards the top of the plants.:stoned:
  12. gangagirl

    gangagirl Registered+

    have to use a product with pyrethrins in it, like "Clean Air Purge III". Also get a dispenser that will auto spray your room.
  13. gangagirl

    gangagirl Registered+

    If it's mites...
  14. headshake

    headshake Registered+

    it works for thrips too.

    i just use bedding spray. it's for lice. the active ingredient is permethrin. it got recommended to me when my snake got spider mites. works like a charm and dissipates quickly. just don't breathe the fumes.

  15. greeri

    greeri Registered+

    What's the name of the bedding spray and does it work for gnats too? Also, what kind of snake?
  16. NorthernSmoke

    NorthernSmoke Registered

    Had a simialr problem near the tops of my plants. The new leaves had a black substance on them as they were "coming out". I was told that it was a parasite or something and should use seven dust on them. Problem went away in a few days.

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