Blackstrap molasses. Why/When use it?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by scottcc5s, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. scottcc5s

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    I am starting to get organized for 2nd grow and want to do better this time around regarding nutes, etc...

    I see guys talk about using blackstrap molasses so I just ordered some. Can a few guys jump in and tell me why they use it and also when they use it? Flower only thing? All the time thing? For the my 2nd grow going with Fox Farm soil.

    Thanks for any input or ideas. :)
  2. jtsik330

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    Bump to the top, I need to know what this is used for as well!
  3. DOUGAL25

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    Veg - 1 teaspoon per gallon of water every third watering
    Flowering - 1 tablespoon per gallon of water every third watering
    The first two waterings I only use my main nutes. On the third watering I use just water and molasses. Then I repeat, throughout the life cycle.

    The molasses provides sugars for the bacteria in your soil, this is why I use it for the entire life cycle of the plant. I up the dosage in flowering because it provides a nice boost of phosphorous and potassium.

    Hopefully that is unsulphured molasses you ordered.
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  4. genuine

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    I second Dougal response

    Only thing I do different is cycle in a round of just water.

    So my routine is...every other day water/feed.

    1) Nute
    2) water
    3) Nute
    4) water/ molasses.

    I don't use a ppm meter and I've run into over nute issues in other rounds...I switched to doing this way and haven't had issue. I am using sunshine mix for soil, it drys faster than the foxfarm stuff. So depending of pot size to plant size you may be able to water/feed every third day.

    Disclaimer: I'm no expert...I do continual harvest system. Have done hydro and switched, grown 3x flavors and now have 3x new flavors so juggling 6x. and I've been at it for about 18 months
  5. rob25san

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    where did you order the black strap?
  6. senorx12562

    senorx12562 Registered+

    Any health food store.
  7. superskunk1

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    Does this help against insects? I've heard it does something to the bacteria that helps prevent bugs being born in the soil??
  8. scottcc5s

    scottcc5s Registered+

    Thanks for the info. Not sure if its unsulphured, I will check out when it shows up. I assume unsulphured is not good.....if I did not get that one what's the issue I will run into?
  9. scottcc5s

    scottcc5s Registered+

    I was lazy and bought it online, I could not find it in a store close to me. Paid more in shipping cost than the $7 jar (32 oz) I bought. :(

    Just do a google search for it and it will bring up a lot of brand names that you can use to hopefully find in a store or you can do like me and just order online. Make sure you get the unsulphured like they mentioned above
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  10. LetsSeeYa

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    Iv never heard it prevents insects, but some say it attracts them. I used it outside and its so diluted i didn't see anything more then usual:thumbsup:. I used it about every other watering, but only the first time to use it, so not much help, but the insect thing:jointsmile:

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