Blood Pressure and Marijuana incident

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Breukelen advocaat, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Breukelen advocaat

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    My blood pressure has been a little elevated, so with my doctor's advice I recently started taking a blood pressure drug - an ACE inhibitor called Quinapril. The directions say that it can cause dizziness and in some cases fainting. Anyway the first week and a half was fine. I vaped very little, if at all, cut down on my salt, and my home blood pressure machine readings showed some improvement. The medicine's directions also said that it could take 1 to 2 weeks for it to start working.

    Yesterday, the 12th day of taking the drug as usual, I used some weed. I usually vape for the THC-only, but this time I used some old vaped remains at a higher temperature (therefore more toxins). Holy Moley! I started getting weaker and weaker. My blood pressure started dropping like a lead balloon. I was probably a bit dehydrated, and had taken an anti-anxiety RX medication 12 hours earlier, some of which was probably still in my system. I was seeing stars and could hardly function. The scary part was that the medication does not wear off for a long time.

    Having had anemia much of my life from celiac disease, I am very familiar with what low blood pressure can make you feel like, but this was unbelievable. My BP was running 68-78/48-56, for about 2 hours. I barely able to move. Many people would have passed out, but I stayed up till 6 AM. The BP gradually came back up, on the low side of normal, 94/64. I eventually went to sleep and I felt much better about 16 hours after smoking.

    So, if you start a new medication, or mix ones that you are already on, I'd advise that you take it VERY easy with the weed until you know what your reactions will be.
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  2. JD1stTimer

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    Wow, that's a good message for everyone.. PLEASE do NOT be the first person to die from using marijuana...

    Advocaat: Why not try using marijuana instead of quinapril? You might could even quit with the anxiolytic or whatever... but you've obviously found an effective way to drop your blood pressure for hours on end....
  3. Breukelen advocaat

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    Thanks. I'd do it but, unfortunately I was using weed and still had high blood pressure. I believe that in this case it was the combination of the Rx drugs, fatigue, dehydration and marijuana that caused my BP to drop like that - but too much weed was probably the main reason. I am not overweight, and don't smoke cigarettes, but my father had a stroke when he was five years younger than my current age. There may be a way to lower my BP through more exercise, dietary changes (difficult because of celiac), fish oil supplements, etc., but it's too risky to discontinue the medication at this point. Vaping very small amounts at correct temperatures seems to be OK, though.
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    My mom has had very high blood pressure for a long time. She was going through a period of being off of meds and had been for awhile. She decided to smoke one night, well, a few different nights. each time she smoked, it lowered her blood pressure, but to normal levels.
    So weed itself can lower blood pressure which is why it shot down so low. Weed wont lower everyones, though. It will still depend on the person and how they react to it, and it depends on the weed:hippy:
    Happy toking
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    I take BP meds and cannabis usually raises both my BP and my pulse a little. Always be careful taking meds the first time. I always take half dosage for a couple days to make sure how my body reacts.
  6. stelow54

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    I also have BP monitor at home and after smoking some cannabis my BP goes down.
  7. tomm01

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    You said your BP was a little high? Maybe taking all those things plus the weed wasn't such a good idea. In fact if it's only a little high you shouldn't even probably take any medications at all. It doesn't have to be perfect.
    Good luck though man your lucky you didn't die with that BP lol. That's insane.
    Also good coz' they would have blamed the weed.
  8. stoned12321

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    dude, i had the same problem, yesterday at school!!! i had a lot of dizzy after i smoked 2 joints with my friend!!!at the hospital they said to me, that i had air in the blood:O..
    it was a shitty quality! that's y i think that i had that.. but y did that happened only to me? my friend was ok...and i was almost in coma:O < y did that happened? (and y that happened only to me?) pls answer smbdy!
  9. MasterKushy

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    Cannabis will increase your heart rate, and the carcinogens you get from inhaling burning plant matter, be it cannabis or tobacco, will constrict your vessels and raise your blood pressure. Be careful!
  10. leadmagnet

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    I'm thinkin it was sometime more along the line of that rag you were huffin on beforehand.
  11. Ub3rB0ng

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    I have high BP too and I am on Norvasc 10mg for it. I also toke for various reasons including but not limited to anxiety and back pain. After im done toking I can notice a difference in my BP. It also notice that it is strain dependent at least for me,sometimes I feel my BP is elevated after smoking,and other times I dont notice. I also smoke cigs but am trying to quit that.
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