Blood test for weed- please help

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by killerzland89, Feb 3, 2010.

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    ok so i dont want to go into too many detail on how i got caught by my dad. but lets just say, i am REALLY screwd. i got caught before, and now after 2 years, my dad wants to get me tested again. If i fail i have to move out within 10 days, and yea ppl might say, hes your dad or w.e but believe me, this time it isnt a joke. I offerd that i would quit and he could get me tested every month but he didnt agree. he wants me to get tested in the next 5 days, and pass.

    Now heres the prob. I last smoked up on the 1st of feb, so 2 days ago. i have to get tested around the 10th for sure. I have been drinking water like crazy, but i know will not be able to pass like that, i have been smoking about a gram (divided up) throughout the day, for approximately a month at least prior to this. I was reading everywhere that blood tests only detect thc for 3-4 days. and ii got really happy, theres a way to pass. BUT now the bad news. i herd they don't even test for THC usually, they test for THC-COOH, which will take the same amount of time to get out, as urine would. PLEASE help me, someone already been threw this? Is there a way i can tell the doc to test me for just THC? and how would i do this.
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    What makes you think youre actually taking a blood test? Blood tests are rather costly, compared to a urinalysis.

    The party thats paying for the drug test decides what to test for.
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    Yeah I'd be surprised if he springs for the blood test. It will probably just be a dip test which is worse anyway because you won't have time to get clean. If he tests you at home just drink lots of gatorade the day of the test and take some vitamin B to color the urine. If you can pickup some synthetic urine I'd sub.

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