Blowing illegal in Amsterdam

Discussion in 'Netherlands' started by 420mory, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. 420mory

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    The Amsterdam authorities prohibited to smoke joints on the street in certain area's of the city. :mad: They want to try this for a year to see if it reduces crime and problems in the city.

    We have a major down here who does everything to make it more boring in the city, close down clubs, prohibit parties and now even smoking a joint is forbidden. Their excuse is to reduce crime ...pffft.... I only see more illegal parties and clubs. Do they really think to reduce crime if people smoke their joints inside :question:
  2. amsterdammed

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    yeah, it would be better if they done something about all the f*cking street dealers, those guys bring a'dam down

    A'dam still is a fun party city though.
  3. Land of Drought

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    Amen Folks .....

    What a Load of Balls,, To get ride of Crime on Amsterdam's Streets ,Get ride of those wankers selling Nothing but bad pounder,, Ive been quite a few times and aldo im not from Holland i love the place but the only crime ive seen is those idiots hanging around the Red Light district trying to burn People. We know what the major is On, he wants to be seen to be tough on crime so he'll be put back into power next time.
    Whats the problem with NL these days?. Heading to the Right Wing again it seems

    Good luck Folks D
  4. amsterdammed

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    coffeeshops are being closed down all over holland coz there breaking laws that are almost constantly being changed. yet ever time i go to a'dam there's more arsehole street dealers getting away with it coz they never carry anything on them.

    the dutch government has been tightening laws on the sale of weed/hash for many years.
    10 years ago you could buy 30 grams from a coffeeshop now you can only buy 5grams.
    the weed/hash is still great quality though, you just need to visit the shop more often.
    10 years ago you could legaly grow 10 plants, that has fallen to 5.
    shrooms used to be sold dryed, very potent, now you can only buy fresh, mellow trip shrooms.
    being part of europe has forced the dutch to tighten up on drug crime, and they do it the only way they can, by making it harder for coffeeshops, the street dealers are impossible to get.

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