Blue Dream and Space Queen (aka Green Crack) GROW LOG!

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by martyrprojekt, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. martyrprojekt

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    Hey Guys,

    Yep...I am back to the clone stage...a new grow is here. I am sure this one will be enjoyable. So here we go. :jointsmile:

    I picked up some nice Blue Dream clones...12 of them. I then picked up 12 Space Queen clones (aka Green Crack). I had a little watering mishap when I brought them home. Plants are fine biggie.

    Strain info:

    Blue Dream - (Blueberry x Haze)
    Flower time is 10 weeks (can go up to 12). It is a very high THC content plant and has been rated as some of the best medicine available by numerous independent review sites. The length of time for flower is undesirable...but the yield makes up for it. It should yield about 5-6 ounces per plant...according to High Times. A very nice Santa Cruz seeds blend...and I personally was floored for two days while medicating myself with a sample a buddy gave me.

    SPACE QUEEN (AKA Green Crack) - (skunk #1 x Cali Indica)
    Super fast bud time at 7 weeks. If growing in a room that gets to low 60's at can expect some purple also! Very nice strain...great strain to cross with! Smokes very good with a high THC content! The Green Crack name comes from LA...was changed when it hit clubs to Space Queen. I have had this also...and I am a big fan.

    Pics to come soon! :thumbsup:
  2. tinytoon

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    Lets go Marty, I'm ready!! :smokin:
  3. martyrprojekt

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    update with pictures

    Here are the girls after week one of flower. Note the pictures below.

    In this grow I am fixing my variables to obtain larger yields. 6 plants per tray, drip system, 3 part GH, and adding kool bloom...I vegged from clones for four weeks.

    I am over 3 ft tall on the blue dream. almost at 24 inches for the Green crack. They are starting to stretch more...they always do this right before they flower. I love this GC strain.


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  4. tinytoon

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    I think you gonna be my new hero hehe :jointsmile:
  5. martyrprojekt

    martyrprojekt Registered+

    Thanks tiny...looks like you and I are the only ones on this lets have some fun with this one.

    I am posting more pictures tomorrow...the Blue Dream is already at 4 ft...Thank god I topped them.

    I will giver an update with new pictures on Tuesday...Until then...let me know what you guys think of my setup...

  6. tinytoon

    tinytoon Registered+

    looks good from here :thumbsup:
    I'll throw in a couple pics of my babies that I just turned to flower today. Yes those are tomatoe cages I put in my tray. Last grow between weight of top of plant and fan inside tent they fell over, nothing broke they just fell over. Trying to give a lil support this time and see what happens.

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  7. LOC NAR on probation

    LOC NAR on probation Registered+

    Looking good guy's. Waiting for the light to come on to get some pic's this evening. Will post here and xmas bud.

    Marty those tric's look mighty tastey. yum yum.
  8. tinytoon

    tinytoon Registered+

    I think Loc has a trich fetish lol :jointsmile:
  9. LOC NAR on probation

    LOC NAR on probation Registered+

    Love the ladies with the trichomes.

    Here's some Hawiianxskunkxbigbud just starting week 7. It's just starting to bulk up. It really comes on in the last 2 weeks and shows tric's yum-o.

    Trying to work the lighting out to get better pic's. more to come.

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  10. martyrprojekt

    martyrprojekt Registered+

    hey LOC....looking nice...Loving the trichs so far...

    I do have a question for you though...Are you using plant yo-yo's to hold up your main cola's? If not, what are you using? Blue dream is at 4 ft...I am stressing now. All I want them to do now is bud... and for them to quit growing. LMAO! :jointsmile: If they grow a bit bigger, I am sure to find a way to make it work...I am just hoping I do not have to get to that point.

    Talk with you guys soon...and I will post some pictures tonight...I am budding everywhere now...not just the first couple clones I threw into flower so I could have a pre-harvest smoke out in December! (I might have a green christmas after all...maybe a couple ounces). :stoned:
  11. martyrprojekt

    martyrprojekt Registered+


    So I added a few flower nutes on this grow. I am still a GH 3 part fan. I felt I could add to the overall density, trich development, and flavor of my girls.

    So to meet this need I added Koolbloom, Florablend, and Floralicious recommended by my GH iphone application. What is the world coming to when your cell phone has all your grow nut schedule built in! LMAO! :wtf:

    Also, I have posted some pics of my girls in week #4 of bud...these girls will ensure I have a green christmas!

    Hope you like the TRICH pics LOC and TINY!

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  12. tinytoon

    tinytoon Registered+

    I'm drooling :jointsmile:
  13. LOC NAR on probation

    LOC NAR on probation Registered+

    If there is a trichome center to the universe you must be right on top of it.

    Where can i get the green crack ? Love those pic's.
  14. GetThisOrDie

    GetThisOrDie Registered+

    Damn dude... I think your ladies have more white powder on them than my sugar doughnut I had for breakfast.

    Great looking strain! Question though... Do they put out alot of odor?
  15. martyrprojekt

    martyrprojekt Registered+

    Loc --- what side of the US are you on? If you are near me...I can get you some cuttings (I have a great pheno for the GC). And, let me tell floors me every time I smoke it. I literally have to smoke Friday I can recover by Sunday.

    Get this ---- More powder than my nose 10 years ago? More powder than a Columbian in Miami on "vacation." YES SIR...GC strain is the shit. I will be growing this more in the future. Now when it comes to odor (I run a huge carbon filter)...even with still smells dank in my place when the buds are beefing up.

    But, the great thing is that you can not smell them outside...But, when you walk into my special rooms (it is there).

    ( I attached some pictures of the main room for you all to enjoy. I hope that it makes your day knowing that I cant even fit the entire jungle in the viewfinder. LMAO! This bluedream is out of control!!!!!!:thumbsup:

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  16. tinytoon

    tinytoon Registered+

    wow ......... that kinda sums it up :jointsmile:
  17. qcstunta

    qcstunta Registered

    very nice!
  18. martyrprojekt

    martyrprojekt Registered+ does sum things up a bit doesn't it?:wtf:
  19. martyrprojekt

    martyrprojekt Registered+

    Here we go...Week 3 is almost upon me...Here are some updates:

    Flower Nutes:

    I am using Flora Blend, Floralicious Plus, Koolbloom, 3 part GH, and CAL-MAG.
    Seems like a pretty sweet mix...I am not seeing any nute or tip burn (and I am being very aggressive with my nutes).

    Anyways...enjoy the pics of my main room! :thumbsup:

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  20. martyrprojekt

    martyrprojekt Registered+

    SO My girls were are going to be in HIGH TIMES February issue...I am stoked...They are on the website right now under PIX of the CROP. are some updated shots for you guys.

    Not much to say. Plants look great...I am baked right now...yeah me!
    I did start aggressive bloom nutes...and I am starting week #4 today! 4 more to go until my Green Crack is done...and 6 more until my blue dream is finished.

    The aroma is going to be a killer for me. Much danker than the last grow. Eliminating the variables was a great decision for me!


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