Blue Dream EPIC GROW!

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by martyrprojekt, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. martyrprojekt

    martyrprojekt Registered+

    I am going to highjack some of my pictures and make this an official grow log for epic room #1...

    I ordered some White Russian today. I am planning a cross between a White Russian Male (and one of my Blue Dream mothers)...thus making Blue Russian! I have had this strain once before...and it was delicious! :stoned:

    Pictures are of Day #1, Beginning of Week #2, and Beginning of Week #3...I have the girls on 24 hour light...and 6 feedings per day. They are growing vigorously...and I already added another 4 inches since the last picture was taken.

    Next week I am going to run bushmaster for 3 days...and then flip to flower. :jointsmile:

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  2. tinytoon

    tinytoon Registered+

    how can anyone look at the stuff you do and not comment. Shame on you people lol. Looks real good marty :thumbsup:
  3. 420session

    420session Registered+

    Good grow, let me know how that blue russian come along. Im curious to know how it smokes.....:)
  4. moody420

    moody420 Registered+

    Looking real good! Love me some blue dream!!!! I've got 4 plants of it that i will be harvesting in about a week! Never had blue russian, but the combination sounds divine! :jointsmile:
  5. drudown11

    drudown11 Registered+

    some day im gunna have a grow room like that.(grow room's, i should say)

    Evertime you post pictures like this it inspires
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  6. martyrprojekt

    martyrprojekt Registered+

    Another update...I thought you should see what a difference 2 days have made.

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  7. Micsog

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  8. martyrprojekt

    martyrprojekt Registered+

    So yes...when I do my cross it will be the following:

    Blue Dream Female (from clone) X White Russian (male from Seed)

    Should get me 3 different phenotypes (Blue dominant, WR dom, and 50/50)

    I will take a 50/50 plant and cross with Blue Dream one more time!

    This is Blue Russian!!!!!!!!!!! 22% THC is the least of your concerns with this Indica Dominant Strain!
  9. AquaponicHerb

    AquaponicHerb Registered+


    good deal man. You look like you got it down good. Blue Dream is an awesome strain. I started growing it about 4 months ago and nothing but good qualities. Its amazing how big these plants can get...
  10. martyrprojekt

    martyrprojekt Registered+

    So a little advice on Blue Dream...since people are always asking my opinion of the strain and trying to find more information on it.


    THIS STRAIN is a bitch. Plain and simple. Not a great plant for first time growers. For first timers I would recommend playing with white widow...or something along those lines.

    With Blue dream though...there are sooooo many issues you are going to need to be ready for:

    1.) Not a very good mold resistant strain...or pests for that matter.

    2.) When you flip to 12/12 for flower, expect 2-4 feet of stretch from your girls (unless you use bushmaster).

    3.) This strain produces a lot more foliage than bud...and the calyxes are spaced apart pretty damn far when you let the plants stretch fully.

    4.) Make sure you have enough room to handle this growth. Even with 10 foot ceilings (and my lights all the way up) I had to get creative and stretch my plants away from the lights.

    5.) Give this strain a chance to veg for 30 days (yes...I know the plant will be 5 feet tall). Your overall yield will almost double if you let it go at least 30 days prior to flipping.

    BUT...what do I get in return for all of this headache...a huge THC laden yield. Stuff you are proud to show off, and stuff you are proud to say that "you" grew. :jointsmile:

    And this stuff is better than any purp or kush I have smoked or grown...just my thoughts...for what its worth!
  11. warlord98

    warlord98 Banned

    Looks really nice. I've never had the chance to sample any blue dream but looked it up. Every one seems to like it, nothing but raves. blueberry and haze right?I will be following along with you also.
  12. tinytoon

    tinytoon Registered+

    I second that, seems like you never hear anything bad about Dream. 10 ft tall ceilings ...... hmmm ........ that could be an issue lol :wtf:
  13. AquaponicHerb

    AquaponicHerb Registered+


    Yea I am going to trigger in about 3 days. Thanks for the advice on strain it helps.
  14. martyrprojekt

    martyrprojekt Registered+

    new pic today...almost time to flip to 12/12...

    And yes...not much info out there, except that it produces really good bud. This is definitely a HIGH END smoke.

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  15. headshake

    headshake Registered+

    just caught up on this one. nice project MP! can't wait to see where this one goes.

  16. martyrprojekt

    martyrprojekt Registered+

    Hey Guys...Today is day #1 of Bushmaster. I am using RO water, Cal Mag and Bushmaster. I will be doing this for a 3 day cycle...THEN OFF TO 12/12...These girls have been under the lights for 3 weeks. I could go 4 weeks....but with vegging under my HPS lights...The growth was wayyyyyy better than expected.

    Lets get this party moving!!!!!!!!!!!! :jointsmile:

    BTW....I am smoking some nice Grape Ape from my 3rd grow...I'm lovin' it!

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  17. martyrprojekt

    martyrprojekt Registered+

    well...Still waiting for my 4 light controller/timer to get here. GOD DAMN UPS.:wtf:

    I would love to start flower today...looks like I need to wait until tomorrow to see if it has arrived yet...BTW...Loving how bushmaster is making the girls go crazy...I've got more tops than ever.

    I did do a little experiment on one of the trays. I did top those. I want to see the difference in the yield with topping Vs. not topping...SO far...I do not think I will be topping every again. I will reserve that final decision until after the I can compare the weight between the trays.
  18. ForgetClassC

    ForgetClassC Registered+

    Apparently there's gonna be some of this around here, whats the high supposed to be like? Couch-lock? Heady? Just trying to see if its legit or they just called it this.
  19. martyrprojekt

    martyrprojekt Registered+

    The High is very unique. A great body high...super couch lock...throw in a bag of chili cheese fritos and an orange gatorade (cheech n chong on Blue Ray)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. crf70rider

    crf70rider Registered+

    looking good bro i cant wait to see the buds

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