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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by SFBayArea, Feb 16, 2017.

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    Hey guys, I am growing for the first time and I picked Blued Dream for my firsty. It is on its fourth week of flowering and room already smells very "fruity" and frosting has been coming up in the past few days.
    Question, plants currently have flowers the size of large popcorn, shouldn't they be bigger by now? When does Blue Dream should start fattening up its buds?
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    What lights R U using?
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    I am using SunSystems LEC 630. Veged for 4.5 weeks.
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    How many plants?
  5. I grew Blue Dream from Humbolt seed organization. I am an indoor/outdoor grower. But I grew her out once and this was last summer. I also live in the north east. So by October it starts to get cold. Climate and environment play a HUGE role in how fast your plant will flower, the density of the buds, how potent it will be, how good it will smell and taste. And also different areas have different problems. For me powder mildew is my big problem over pests. But I could imagine in some areas they never deal with PM but they have caterpillars that get into the buds and shit all up in your colas. Then you start to see bud rot.
    So don't go exactly by what I say, and chop your plant down at 10 weeks like I did. Check your tricombs and when there to your liking, Chop.
    I could tell you she took the longest out of 6 strains. Sour Diesel and Delahaze finished before her. Be patient, she seems to have small buds right till the last 2 weeks. Then she really packed weight on I was surprised!
    She was my biggest plant 7 foot tall 3 foot wide in a 10gallon pot! I would of went with larger containers but that's what I had to work with last summer.
    She also yielded the most! I got 10 ounces off the plant.

    Now I hear some phenos might be faster. I think the blueberry dominate one is faster then the haze dom. Obviously. But mine looked like a typical hybrid but was slow like a sativa dominate pheno.
    I would grow again strictly for weight purposes. I prefer quality over quantity every time.
    The high of blue dream is good for the morning. It's a very functional strain. Personally I don't like BD though, it's on the light know? But hey everyone is different, and every strain reacts differently from person to person. she might be your new medicine!
    Good luck and check them trics! I pick when the tricombs have nice fat swollen heads on the end of the stalk. I like them to be about 80-90% cloudy and 10%amber. With less then 5% clear.
    Stay high
    Stay free
    Release the medicine
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    Congrats on picking Blue Dream for your first grow. I always start out new growers in my area with it because it is so easy to grow. It will put up with a lot of mistakes and still keeps on growing. The buds will come around just fine. Towards the last couple weeks you should really be seeing some fatty buds developing.
    Good luck on your "firsty" grow.
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    Blue Dream grows at about the same rate as the average. It is a tall plant, if given room and time. All varieties put on the most bud growth during the 2nd half of bloom season, not the first half.
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