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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by PaRanOiD81, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. PaRanOiD81

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    Sup my fellow stoners out there. I just recently went on a little escapade tonight into New York City to check out a headshop or two.....

    We went to this place called the Blue Nile and this other which is on bleecker street in the village, close to canal street.... the guy had really competive prices and didn't try to rip me off. In the photo attatched, the frog bubbler, the guy around the corner wanted $60.00 off the bat, then I told him that the other place was $35 and he said, oh yeah, that one is $35 but whatever. I am so pleased with the outcome of our trip, I decided to post pics, LemomHead, check it out, I attatched a business card. Now to the mods, I do not work at this establishment and am in no way affliated with them, but I am extremely happy with his service that I am going to post his business card. Now I just need the weed to fill it with and I'll be fine and dandy. I also bought a replacement piece for my bong and this stuff to clean my bong for 20 bucks which did a fantastic job. I'll post a pic of that later. Anyway guys, happy tokes until the next post :smokin:

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  2. sheist

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    see now... thats where u fucked up... u wasted all ur money for that junk shit when 1) u coulda made one.. 2) u coulda went to a gas station n copped one for $5... and the rest of that coulda been used for a half-oz..
  3. PaRanOiD81

    PaRanOiD81 Registered+

    I shoulda added in my post that stupid and ignorant comments should be kept to yourself because A) I do not do glass work, or artwork B) I do not have the equipment to make it C) These are $5 dollar metal pipes that I can buy right around the corner and D) Don't be a dickhead

    If your comments aren't creative or beneficial, keep them to youself. Thank you.
  4. thcbongman

    thcbongman Registered+

    You savage!!!!!!!!!

    Forgot to say good find. I got a new toy myself, and I paid the same for 1, you paid for 2.
  5. t3chyo

    t3chyo Registered+

    hey i was just in new york a week ago, awesome place and did walk by this headshop, dont know the name but they seemed to have alot of sweet peices,bongs,hookahs...
  6. KronicKing

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    are you 14 or just dumb? there is much more to marijuana than just the high,going to a head shop and looking though the inumerable beautiful glass peices buying one and getting to see the wonderfull blueish white smoke floating up from the bowl makes the high even better,i have four homemade peices and three purchased glass peices and i love them all,but the glass brings out a whole new flavor and style to weed.grow up and get a few more grams under your belt and you may understand.
  7. PaRanOiD81

    PaRanOiD81 Registered+

    thank you very much bro, I totally understand what you mean. Its a lot more than just getting high, thats the point of it, but its more than that for me.... at least I want it to be you know....
  8. DiLoS

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    Thank you Kronic King.... I was about ready to cut this kid up but you beat me too it. Those are very nice pieces dude. You got them for a really good price too. I wish there was shops around here that sold nice pieces like that for around the same price.
  9. PaRanOiD81

    PaRanOiD81 Registered+

    thanks man, I just need smoke to fill them with and everything will be peachy :D
  10. KronicKing

    KronicKing Registered+

    i forgot to say nice pipes! i like the bubbler,i need to get are two of my glass peices

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  11. CannabisGeorge

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    Damn nice pieces dude. KronicKing, those pipes are bitchin'!
  12. Smoking Ganja

    Smoking Ganja Registered+

    stupid question: Whats the difference between a bubbler and pipe and which is better? Thanks

    Btw those are some sick piece man congrats
  13. NightProwler

    NightProwler Registered+

    a bubblers like a mini bong. i prefer pipes tho. "better" is all up to you.

    and those are some nice peices there man
  14. PaRanOiD81

    PaRanOiD81 Registered+

    thanks a lot guys, hopefully I'll post pics of my most recent pickup for an 8th of unknown and the bubbler was fantastic... let me tell you, I'm still blazed right now, which I have to appologize to my dealer, I told him this shit was garbage, but its pretty decent. anyway, I packed the complete bowl and I must have had 15 good tokes from it. :stoned: so right now I'm and what I like better about it is that it goes down 20% smoother than in the pipe I just bought, "the scorpion".... it went down a lot smoother and I was able to take real big hits, unlike the scorpion, I could only take so much before it would burn....

    P.S. thanks a lot for your comments guys, it really makes me feel good about my purchase. My cousin, who doesn't really smoke, told me it was a waste of money and I really thought about it and I felt like shit, so thanks guys, you've lifted my spirits.
  15. Dankmike

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    sheist is wrong, dude sometimes you gotta prioritize your money what doy you wanna spend your money on pipes or weed well you get weed all the time so whuy not get some pipes so your next time smoking is better plus , cool pieces .
  16. KronicKing

    KronicKing Registered+

    sometimes people who don't smoke just don't understand,maybe haveing 15 peices is a waste of money to most people,even some heavy smokers would call it a waste,but i like to have a choice in what i smoke out of,a damn hard choice at that!
    Thanks George,i got them both from bobthepainter,he's got some nice pipes,but he was injured and hasn't blown any new ones,oh well,still a great selection.they're both slendid peices.named them Thorn and Saphira.smokeing_ganja a bubbler has a bulb under the bowl with a short stem,you can put water in the bulb and it cools and filters the smoke,it's kind of hard to find a good bubbler but when you do they're the coolest :smokin: ,usualy the bigger the bulb(and the longer the mouthpeice)the better your hits will be(volume),but i've hit some like paranoid's and they were great,each one turns out a differnt hit.but hand pipes are cool to,it's all up to the smoker,i prefer both.
  17. 50BagOfGreens

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    the scorpion pipe man OMG man thats fucking tight, seriously i want to smoke out of it where do you live

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