Blueberry Yum Yum

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by DBot3000, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. DBot3000

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    Hey guys and girls. Here are some pics of some Blueberry. This is one of my favorite strains, faux sure. The buds are real sticky and fluffy. Smells like a skunk died on the highway. The taste is the best part. Its so fruity and skunky tasting at the same time. I smoked four bowls three hours ago, and I'm still buzzing. Killer smoke. The high has mixed feelings, like a body stone and a head high at the same time.

    DSC00153.jpg DSC00160.jpg DSC00157.jpg DSC00147.jpg
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  2. DBot3000

    DBot3000 Registered+

    That's about two ounces.

    DSC00151.jpg DSC00150.jpg

    FUNKNUGGET Registered+

    congratulations, you have some chronic sir
  4. gee

    gee Registered+

    some crazyyy bud.

    ur soo lucky u got 2 ounces

    FRYPOD Registered+

    "i got some blueberry yuum yuum and i never thought that it could this gooood.
    thank god for the man that put it in my hooood."famous words by 3-6 Mafia

    Ya dude i bet it does taste good....looks great
  6. big smoke07

    big smoke07 Registered+

    3-6 mafia? Try Ludacris buddy.

    Anyways, those buds look sticky as hell. Im still waiting to try a blueberry strain.:)
  7. xLIbluntsmokeNYx

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    lmfao "3-6mafia"

    wooow its most def ludacris, sir
  8. xLIbluntsmokeNYx

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  9. Jaerl

    Jaerl Registered+

    heh, I'm quite jealous, how much the 2 o's cost you?
  10. yoda

    yoda Registered+

    that is some FINE looking bud
  11. Grade A

    Grade A Registered+

    Definitely some nice chronic.

    Great sh*t!

    Enjoy the smoke.
  12. FRYPOD

    FRYPOD Registered+

    naw dude listen to sum of 3-6 mafias old stuff and you`ll see what i mean
  13. CYRAX

    CYRAX Registered+

  14. very nice. havn't had blueberry but will somday.
  15. BluBerrywidow

    BluBerrywidow Registered+

    i get that crossed wit white widow and greenspirit grown HYDRO aswell
  16. DBot3000

    DBot3000 Registered+

    Jaerl, It cost $600.00 for two fat ounces.

    Have y'all seen the Ludacris, Blueberry Yum Yum music video? If not I think it's on youtube or google video. Thanks for all the comments. Time to smoke a couple of bowls. Later on.
  17. xmordeciax

    xmordeciax Registered+

    Looks beautiful, Blueberrys my #1 favorite strain, i just smoked the last of mine a couple weeks ago... enjoi brotha
  18. ncnavguy

    ncnavguy Registered+

    worth it.
  19. MOBABN

    MOBABN Registered+

    you need to go back and listen to it. you have no idea what you are talking about.
  20. DBot3000

    DBot3000 Registered+

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