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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Bludshot23, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. Bludshot23

    Bludshot23 Registered+

    I myself am a pipe/bong, well anything with a bowl kinda guy. I was just wondering if you don't roll a blunt with a filter or roach how does the weed stay in your blunt and not go in your mouth
  2. rollnotherblunt420

    rollnotherblunt420 Registered+

    u roll that shit tight!
  3. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Roll a blunt evenly. Most of the time blunts dont burn well or weed goes in your mouth if there is less weed on the part where you'll smoke from than it is on the other side.
  4. Strikerrr

    Strikerrr Registered+

    if weed goes in your motuh so what? It's just a little bit usually.
  5. BackInNam88

    BackInNam88 Registered+

    well the weed is going in ur mouth one way or another.. somewhat
    and just learn to roll a better blunt.. who uses filters for blunts.. pff
  6. all i do is that i make sure i have enough weed, and i just dont split it all the way. i cut it all the way until about .5 inch is left on the end, i leave that tobacco in, and fill the rest with weed, and just lick it shut and toast it again, then put the leaf back on, and the tobacco doesnt fly into your mouth. problem solved.
  7. H080J03

    H080J03 Registered

    ok this is what i do i take the joint and stick it in a bong. so you hit the joint thur the bong and you get messed up. this works really good for lower level weed beacuse it is cheaper and easy to take perfect hits if it is in the bong
  8. TrailMix

    TrailMix Registered

    I believe it's called a "Blong" or my friends call it that.

    Blunt + Bong ;)

    But you're talking about a joint... ehhh same thang ;)
  9. sheist

    sheist Registered+

    the weed barely goes in my mouth when i rolll my blunts.. i push it in to back it so that theres nothn but paper at the end of my blunt, which i use for my mouth peice.. when it flattens out from the lip pressure, i rotate it 90 degrees and reopen the flat hole by pressuring on the edges..
  10. OrangeKush

    OrangeKush Registered+

    I do the exact same thing.
  11. Brey

    Brey Registered+

    just put a roach in!
  12. NightProwler

    NightProwler Registered+

    the cigars i use for blunts are cone shaped on the end, so when i roll it back up its just a tiny hole to suck out of.
  13. iamenfuego

    iamenfuego Registered+

    roll a dutch and u will have no worries. wen u rewrap it with the outter leaf it makes it nice and tight therefore u usually dont get weed in the mouth and u have a nice fat good looking dutch. jus rolled this one up.

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  14. Nocturnal Stoner

    Nocturnal Stoner Registered+

    wat the hell, using a filter with weed, its gonna take all the thc out of the weed before it gets to ur lungs, u mite aswell be smoking a grette. DONT USE A FILTER!
  15. Thehulkster321

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    pinch the end tight and hold it tight with your lips, after 3 hits the resin collects at the end and keeps the end pinched and you can let off on the pressure your lips are giving to pinch it shut. the resin acts kinda like a glue and makes everything stick in place so nothing goes in your mouth.
  16. God v2.0

    God v2.0 Banned

    by filter i think he meant a rolled up piece of cardboard, like rolling paper packages or cereal boxes

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