Blunt Rolling: Tips & Tricks

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    So blunts are IMO the best way of getting thc from bud to brain. they burn slow, taste great, and hit smooth. I've picked up a few tricks over the years, which will make your blunts truly superior. I'm posting this thread because most blunt rolling tutorials are with cigars and rillos. Wraps might seem self explanatory, but when it comes right down to it, they are pretty easy to rip or fuck up. When done right, wraps produce MUCH better blunts than rillos, even though rillos are easier to roll and hard to rip.

    #1. when using wraps, always hold open, upside down (inside facing downwards) and bake it with a lighter. Just run the flame close to it very quickly. making sure not to burn it. do this for about ten seconds. This eliminates excess moisture without drying it out too much. Basically, it makes it alot harder to tear your wrap.

    #2. always shape the blunt by rolling the ends very tight and narrow. you roll your ends before you roll the whole thing. This makes it burn much slower, and hit smooth, without overloading your lungs.

    #3. Never overpack. It might look "gangsta" to smoke huge blunts, but when you try to get too much in it, your risking a rip, and its harder to roll them tight. If done right, a blunt rolled with a wrap shouldn't be any bigger than a sharpie, or any smaller than a pencil. It should be tight enough that it is stiff when finished.

    #4. When your packing your bud down, most people pinch the edge of the wrap over the bud and roll, putting the pressure not on the bud, but on the wrap itself, pushing the edge of the wrap against the middle of the wrap. This will cause rippage. Apply the majority of the pressure so that the bud is between your thumbs and forefingers. You can pinch this pretty tight while you roll it up to make it very tight. The bud supports the wrap to prevent it from tearing apart.

    #5. Never make direct tongue to wrap contact. always lick your lips and use your lips to moisten the gluestrip/zigzaggy edge(platinums).

    #6. Once your blund is basically finished, unroll the ends a little bit, no more than a centimeter towards the middle, and roll these babies narrow. After they are significantly thinner than the majority of the blunt, re-seal.

    #7. Now that you've got a good blunt infront of you, run a lighter flame close to it like in the begining while spinning it to dry it completely.

    this last bit doesn't really involve the rolling process, but it makes your blunt smoke right. Don't pinch it with your lips. gently make contact with it, pulling slowly and gently for long easy drags. Also make sure ash never builds up at the end. this is what causes it to canoe/run. blow very hard on the end to ash it right. Now enjoy your work :thumbsup:
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