Blunt Wrap= Cancer??

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by jkg114, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. jkg114

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    Hey everyone, i got a quick question.

    If I use a blunt wrap to roll a blunt, is that healthier than to cut out the tobacco of a cigar and use that paper? A friend refered to Blunt Wraps that you can buy in a store to "cancer papers" and said that she would never smoke out of one even if it were for free.

    I just heard this and wanted to know if it was hearsay. thanks.
  2. jkg114

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  3. oncea420alwaysa420

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    Well. I would like to start by saying that the alkaloids in weed actually slow down the growth of certain types of lung cancer and kill the cells of others while leaving the healthy cells intact. The amount of tobacco in the blunt wrap is no more than you would find in a CIG ( minus the additives )
    You are straight either way you go about it. If you are already smoking weed in amounts that large when you smoke you are already getting enough carcinogens to equal a pack of CIGS. Vaporize.
  4. oncea420alwaysa420

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    Besides, Everything these days causes cancer. Have you ever eaten a steak that had a few char spots from the grill? that causes cancer too ( at least according to studies)
  5. Nochowderforyou

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    No, I don't think you have to worry about blunt wraps giving you cancer. You are using the wrap around a cigar, that doesn't contain any additives, just the tobacco does. And if you're buying blunt wraps from a headshop, then you have absolutly nothing to fear.
  6. Seag420

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    thats true, the wrap around the cigar probely doesnt have any addatives, but smoking anything can cause cancer. all cancer starts with 1 single cell mutating, so as far as im concerned cancer is cancer
  7. Melton420

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    ????? what dosent give you cancer nowadays... ? answer me that
  8. Smokey McPot

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    The thing i dont like about blunt wraps is the flavors. What kinda nasty chemicals are they putting into them to give the wrap a mango or grape flovor? I prefer joints anyways.
  9. beachguy in thongs

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  10. Warlock

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    I love blunt raps, I treat myself to them once a week & pack it full of weed. It's so moist & easy on the throat.
  11. highjinx

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    ive had a mint blunt wrap in ma room for a while.
    might try it at the weekend. (no bud just now) damn! :mad:
  12. Reefer Rogue

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    I think you'll be fine.
  13. SiXFeEtDeEp

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    the only "blunt paper" that is posably caceris is the extra paper in your store cigars. like a black. if you take all the tobacco out there is a pale color peace of paper in there. it has all the armful shit in it. just take that paper out and you streight


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