Blurred Vision & dizziness after smoking

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Candnloveweed420, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Candnloveweed420

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    Hey guys,

    So I went to the an NBA playoff game on Wednesday with my friend. We rolled three blunts before going to the game. After smoking 2 of the blunts we both felt pretty darn high, so we didnt smoke the third. They were some pretty fatty blunts.

    So we get out of his car and head to the arena, both very baked. Everything is going good until my friend gets in line for food at the arena. I start feeling a bit light headed and I really want to sit down. I feel exhausted and standing is tiresome. Then all of a sudden my vision starts getting bad. I feel all dizzy and fucked up. No nausea or anything, just dizziness and exhaustion. Then my vision gets very cloudy and I decide to sit down.........just on the floor right in the middle of line (I bet some people thought I was acting strange).

    After sitting for what felt like a minute, I feel fine. My vision returns and I'm all good....just a little shaken up. But as I stand again I start feeling the same thing. This time I cant see a thing...I go totally blind behind my extremely cloudy vision. My eyes are open but I literally cant see ANYTHING. I fall to the ground to sit, and after about another minute I can see aagain. I feel very exhausted and there is a cold sweat on my face.

    I felt like absolute shit the whole game and very confused. I started thinking that I must have diabetes or something. I ate breakfast that day, and ate a little through the course of the day. Maybe I just didnt eat enough? But I have a hard time believing that the whole ordeal would have happened even if I didnt smoke.

    So has anyone had this happen to them? Or know anything about this?

    By the way, I smoke AT LEAST once a week.
  2. Coelho

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    I think it has something to do with the 2 blunts you did smoke... :stoned::Rasta::jointsmile:
  3. Oh so that was you on the floor.
  4. AspenGrow

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    It was probably the nicotine crash if you mixed the tobacco back into your blunt, or if you usually smoke out of glass. Did it last like, 15 mins? or longer?
  5. netdog

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    Happens to me from time to time. Not enough blood/oxygen to the brain. You can induce the same thing just pinching off the artery in your neck for a few seconds.

    I have low blood pressure, always have. That happens to me from time to time just standing up from laying around on the sofa...

    I wouldn't worry about it unless it gets frequent, but you might want to get checked out, complete physical, blood sugar test etc. eat well and get exercise daily is always good for ya.
  6. Trip06

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    Ive had this happen a lot actully. Im so stoned my eyes get really glazzy and teary to the point I gotta strain to see shit. Idk probuly different to what your talking about but 'clear eyes red remover' sobers my vision right up after a few drops.
  7. Candnloveweed420

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    thanks for the feedback guys. I have felt fine the past week, so I'm thinking it was just caused by hunger and being blazed as hell!

    Great game though.
  8. SocialDem

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    Its from the drop in blood pressure, your brain doesn't get enough oxygen, try taking deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  9. BBoyShotty

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    strange...this just happened to be yesterday.
    N yeah, lack of oxygen to the brain makes sense..i was thinking it was eitehr that, or a big drop in my blood sugar levels(which i was freaking out about, casue im not diabetic either)

    I was pretty blazed last night, n i decided to bboy..i got up and felt fine, n started doing some dishes. N then about a min later, while im trying to catch my breath, i s tart feeling dizzy and light-headed, like i was going to faint. I ended up stumbling back to my room and lying down on the bed for 10 mins...i felt better, but it totally killed my joy of being high
  10. lazy smoker7

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    i my self have passed out for about 10 minutes while on weed. Once I put 2.5 grams into a fire cracker recipie and ate it... I was very very high for the first hour and then I drank 1 beer shortly after while I was walking my vision tinted red then completely black and i fell to the floor.... and my friends carried me to the car were i woke up.... i drank some water and went home n ate some food... was all better after that... i once smoked alot and had to sit down in the middle of public before and getting strange looks from ppl... all i can learn from these experiences is to keep a lower tolerance and only smoke enuf to get a lil high n mellow but now a blunt is over kill for me now... i got like a 3-6 hit limit now no more big fatty blunts and huge bong rips for me...
  11. athlete3691

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    I know exactly what you're talking about

    So last night me and my boy smoked a lot then went to get some chili cheese dogs at Hubba's. So we get there and it's totally packed but we still go in. We're waiting and waiting, and there's so much going on in there. I look to my right and I see people beyond people. In front of me is the short-staffed staff, working frantically. Not to mention the entire restaurant is covered in dollar-bills that are signed by people who visited in the past.
    So I my body begins to totally freak out. It must have been from witnessing too much going on, and the heat, BUT, I had the exact same thing.
    I was standing there with my boy, and I begin to feel an insane amount of pressure pushing down on me. Then my vision slowly starts to fade and I start sweating. I don't even remember saying it, but my friend remembers hearing me say under my breath "I gotta sit down."
    So me and my boy were totally excited for Hubba's, but it honestly got so bad that I had to pull the "Dude I don't feel well." We sat outside and chilled in the cool air and I felt better right away. As we stood up to walk more, it came back a little, but disappeared for good once we sat down again.
  12. lvlrbojang1es

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    Happened to me at the zoo.
    We smoked way too much of some decent bud at a pit stop right before the zoo. When e pulled into the zoo parking lot about 10 minutes later it hit me it hit me like a truck. My vision started to blur and I was having trouble focusing. The only other thing similar to the feeling was when i had a severe concussion from hockey. I first blamed it on my contacts but realized that they were fine and that wouldn't explain the spinning. The thought of attributing it to the bud was startling to me because it was the first time it had happened to me that I was consciously aware of. Then I felt the pressure pushing down on me as if I was under a shit ton of water. Then I knew it was the bud and was cool with it.

    Of yeah and first post :)
  13. Storm Crow

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    If your vision is blurring....

    you may have diabetes. Talk to your doctor! My hubby, a diabetic, has two pairs of glasses- his regular glasses and his "sugar" glasses. Yeah, there's THAT much difference in his vision when he eats sugar. (My sugar intake is limited to some TicTacs now and then.)

    Diabetes is showing up with alarming frequency among young adults. Cannabis lowers blood sugar a bit- low blood sugar gives you the "munchies". Maybe in your case it lowered it a bit much. You should have a chat with your doctor soon- you can safely be honest with him, he'd lose his license if he turned you in. (turn him on to the link in my sig, while you're at it :)) Diabetes can lead to some really serious problems (blindness, amputations or death) if not treated.

    And just how much tobacco was in those blunts? If you don't smoke tobacco (I hope you don't), you could have just been slightly poisoned by the tobacco. I vape or use a pipe, NEVER any tobacco in my smoke. Been months since I had a joint, even.

    When you use a blunt, you run the risk of addiction to tobacco.

    Progression from marijuana use to daily smoking and nicotine dependence Erowid Reference 6951 : Progression from marijuana use to daily smoking and nicotine dependence in a national sample of U.S. adolescents : Timberlake DS, Haberstick BC, Hopfer CJ, Bricker J, Sakai JT, Lessem JM, Hewitt JK

    And this might be interesting to you, too.

    Radioactive tobacco
    Radioactive tobacco

    Hope you all are feeling better by now. - Granny:hippy:
  14. Bucket420

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    You probably smoked a little to much then your body could handle, and came close to greening out. There are different levels of greening. You may vomit, faint or even both I've never greened but I have come close and everything you said that happened to you happened to me. I'm 18 and had 5 bong rips on my lunch and while I was in class I started getting a little light headed and felt dizzy my vision started to go blurry I didn't feel sick to my stomach or anything so I just put my head down and closed my eyes about 5 minutes later I started to feel a bit better but I was covered in sweat and felt exhausted took about an hour till I felt like myself again so I wouldn't be to worried, if it starts happening more often and when you havn't smoked at all that's when you should go to your doctor

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