Boiling Pipe For Resin. (Please help)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Etrain, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. Etrain

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    Does anybody know the correct technique for this method of getting the resin out of your pipe without scraping it? Please help. Thanks.
  2. BlastedTOtheSKY

    BlastedTOtheSKY Registered+

    let it soak in rubbing alcohal for 30 min and reapeat if necesary
  3. Chongzbongz

    Chongzbongz Registered+

    can u smoke it after wards or???
  4. Etrain

    Etrain Registered

    Just soak it in rubbing alcohol? Then wouldn't that get all in the resin...?
  5. Etrain

    Etrain Registered

    I want the resin to smoke man. I was told that you placed it in boiling water and it all drained out. And then you....something...something (I was really stoned when they were explaining it)
  6. Registered+

    you soak it in mouthwash for a while. Then, boil it, strain the water and let that dry. When it does, scrape the resin off whatever you used to strain the water, and smoke it.

    But I wouldn't suggest boiling your pipe if it's glass. They can break or get brittle REALLY easy that way.
  7. i think what he meant with the alcohol is use a very small ammount get it all combined together then let the alcohol evaporate...although i would suggest using everclear if you can get it...i know you can extract resin with that and then smoke it (after everythings evaporated and dry)
  8. bowlsnapper2012

    bowlsnapper2012 Registered+

    no they get brittle from rubbing alcohol put it in a cup bowl down and fill with water put in microwave for 45 secs at a time it will get it all out
  9. poorman3

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    man, just scape it out and smoke it!!! don`t go adding chemicals to your shit!!! just smoke what you can get !!! dude don`t listen to this B.S. smoke what you got !!!!
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  10. Registered+

    No, I meant what I said. Mouthwash is primarily SD alcohol- just as potent as everclear, only harmful if imbibed. Soaking it in mouthwash softens the resin, but if not disturbed will not remove it. After softening it, you can boil the pipe to remove all the resin and leave it in the water- your pipe is now clean and minty fresh. Strain the water with cheesecloth or gauze, and the resin will be left behind.

    I know you can extract it with alcohol too, but that's not what I meant. This isn't how I do it, though.
  11. LonerStoner

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    Get a pot you won't miss, put your pipe in it and fill with water three inches above your pipe. Put it on the stove and let it boil vigorously for 5 minutes. You'll want to move the pipe around a little to let some of the water circulate through the pipe and wash out the resin. Once your pipe is clear, take it out and lay it on a towel or stack of paper towels. Put a coffee filter in the drain of the sink and patiently pour the disgusting resin water through. Once all the water is through the filter, push all the resin to the center and roll the coffee filter around it, squeezing out the water. Voila, smokable resin, just wait until your pipe has returned to room temp. This ball of resin will spit at you unless you let it dry out for a while before smoking it, be warned.

    As long as you have your pipe in the water as it heats, and don't place it on anything cold or hard when you take it out of the water, you shouldn't have to worry about it cracking.
  12. KennabisCranium

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    Buy a bag.
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  13. lol mello i was talking about blastedtothesky's post. not yours
  14. Hektik

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    thats what i do. Microwave tactics :D
  15. t0ke

    t0ke Registered+

    dude just take a fuckign toothpick and scrape the shit out then smoek it that easy
  16. hempheadjack

    hempheadjack Banned

    i couldnt read no more,i just had to say this,,,ok,,if you have a wooden pipe,,wrap pipe in foil,,leave both ends open for drainage,take a regular bic lighter only,,now with that lighter,,apply heat all over pipe,,keep pipe at angle down word for flow of resin juice,use a pair of plyers to hold pipe,,keep doing this till you hear a boil,,stop with heat,,push pipe with push of hand downward,use plate to drop resin juice on it,,glass pipe same way,,you dont need foil tho,,i use foil on wood so i dont burn my wood pipe if i ever used a wood pipe again ,,that is how i do it,,glass pipe is easier to see resin,,great idea,,i do it all the time,,,also,if you ever use a glass bong,,pull stem out that holds pot,,check out after each hit on glass stem,,look at all the oil,,dont let oils get to bottom of stem,,pull out stem and catch resin that way as well,you now have oil,,yes oil,,put in vial now,,,,i have drank resin,,and i have smoked the oils from stems of glass pipes,,i have been doing this for over 30 yrs,and then some,,but that is just me,,and i live weed and love weed,,so i have experience on this,,resin is ok for a drink,,but you have to be a hardcore pothead like me,i dont recomend this for the squemish

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  17. D28acoustic1

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    I very strongly do not recommend this with any colored glass pipe. Those colors typically come from flakes of metal inside the glass, putting them in the microwave is extremely dangerous.
  18. D28acoustic1

    D28acoustic1 Registered+

    Do not microwave colored glass! There is metal in there!
  19. Shovelhandle

    Shovelhandle Registered+

    Resin is not good to smoke. But that's just me. Some friends freak out that I usually throw roaches away.
  20. tlranger

    tlranger Registered+

    I use alcohol and course salt, and allot of shaking.

    Shovel do they like to clean your ashtrays for you?

    Microwave+ alcohol+ bits of metal. Sounds like a bomb!!

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