Boiling Roots At Time of Harvest???

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by Delta.9, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. Delta.9

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    I don't remember where I heard/read this but what do you guys think about this...

    When it comes time for harvesting your hard earned reward, I heard that by removing the entire plant, roots and all and placing them in boiling water for 20 seconds shocks all of the remaining THC remaining in the roots and stem out of the trichomes thus increasing potency.

    Any opinions?
  2. AmericanTerrorist

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    Its an urban myth, it really doesnt do anything

    The succulent THC you crave so much isnt produced in the roots. The roots are merely what filters and transports the nutrients up to the plant which produces the THC. Its all good though! Ive heard people talk about it before but I just kept my mouth shut because I didnt want them to knew I grew.
  3. Delta.9

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    Makes sense to me. But then again, so did the boiling of the roots at the time I heard it lol
  4. Zandor

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    No it does nothing at all but waste time.

    Hanging them upside down is just easy it does nothing to the trichomes. It does not produce anymore THC or have any effect on the % of THC in the trichomes. It's just easy.
  5. seattle420

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    High times had an article a while back suggesting that people could us the dried and ground up roots as "flour" for baking cookies.
    they suggested pulling up your plants by the roots and soaking the roots in a stream or a river to wash them clean.

    you will be spreading pollution and killing fish!

    I wrote to high times and told them that they were stupid but the didn't print the letter! yet.
  6. del...

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    i read it too years ago but it called for using coca-cola instead of water and i tried it on one of my plants at harvest...i noticed no difference from the others other than being browner when dried but it did make one helluva sticky mess and only added time to the drying.
  7. krustythfreakinclown

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    Hold your breath.
  8. Dimebonic333

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    How could this be pullution? Chemical nutes would be the answer; but organic ferts, or just a plant that was let to do it's thang in nature would be fairly non-toxic to the evniroment. I mean come on. You're gonna smoke the herb that came out of this pollution right? I dont mean to be an ass, but please clarify.:confused:
  9. Abattoir Dream

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    when i cut down plants, i wash the roots, cut them up, and add them back into my compost, its called recycling
  10. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    That's silly. Nutrient pollution on the scale of the leftover dirt with some nutrient salts, clinging to your roots, then washed in a stream, is nothing. Fertilize your lawn before a rainstorm and let it go into the storm sewer; well, there's a problem. And it doesn't directly kill fish, what it does is cause an algae bloom, and as the algae die off, the oxygen demand from rotting vegetable matter is what kills the fish by suffocation.

    Messing around with roots is the biggest waste of time that misinformed growers participate in. Just break up your root ball, toss it in the compost, and next spring you can use all that yummy nutritious humus on your tomatoes.
  11. UnitedParcelSecrets

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  12. harris7

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    as well, just using synthetics outdoors would have much more of an effect. IT dosn't have to go right into a river but it will get there all water runs to rivers. but as stinky said much too small a scale to make any difference.

    Also, a big problem is all the soap we use to wash with. it also causes an algae boom and does all the same shit.

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