Bombing my room with insecticide, safe?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Purplekush, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. Purplekush

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    I'm starting to get spider mites pretty bad in my flowering room again. I have never had to use the insectiside "Attain TR" on my plants that are flowering before, only used before on my plants that are in veg. So is it safe to use this bomb during flowering, and my plants havn't exactly formed buds yet.
  2. friendowl

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    i would try it
    better than having no buds
  3. SittinStoney420

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    I had a REALLY bad case of Mites in my place. This is what i did to totally kick them.

    1. Take your plant, or all if you have a few, out of your grow room.
    2. Spray a miteicide, fungicide, and bud rot agent on the tops and undersides of your plants.
    3. Get a Insect fogger and let that mother blow for about 4 hours
    4. Turn your exaust fan on for about 2 hrs, and scrub your walls,mylar or mirrors with windex.
    5. Bring your ladies back in and they should be fine.

    Worked Perfect For Me


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