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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Nightrafe, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. Nightrafe

    Nightrafe Registered+

    Ever tried something else than water in your bong?
    I've tried lots of things, but the best is champagne in it. Great taste. Lemon flavoured water is nice as well or some Perrier. But it's a bit of waste of the drink, off course you'll have to pour it away :(
  2. brainface

    brainface Registered+

    I've used coca-cola before and red bull before, neither of which I reccomend... Unless you want your bong to smell like shit for eternity.
  3. CheeseOnToast

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  4. bumclot

    bumclot Registered+

    I remember reading on here that some liquid absorbs THC. You might want to do a search for that post to make sure you're not wasting any bud.
  5. dziendobry4

    dziendobry4 Registered+

    My friend put either the Sobe Lifewater or Vitamin Water stuff in his bong was a dark red/purple flavor which I assume was Raspberry or Pomegranate. It was pretty good, but we had some tasty weed in there too. I bet if you put reggos in there it'd be gross.

    You're probably best off sticking with water. Most of the flavored stuff tastes good for a few hits but then gets gross, and can get your bong sticky and full of gunk.
  6. SpadeOfSrh

    SpadeOfSrh Registered+

    chocolate milk lol very bubly
  7. KushG69

    KushG69 Registered+

    Raspberry tea, captain morgan wine cooler....both were delicious.
  8. Phaze1

    Phaze1 Registered+

    i did sprite once, didnt really notice much of a difference, but my freind didnt like cleaning it afterwards lol
  9. twitch

    twitch Registered+

    if u use milk no offence ur stupid thc is absorbed into the fat of ur body milk has a whole alot of fat u probably got like half what what u should have
  10. ldg420

    ldg420 Registered+

    instead of using "flavored" water or other liquid, why not just smoke good quality tasting weed through clean water????:stoned:
  11. OLDE ENGLISH '800

    OLDE ENGLISH '800 Registered+

    jello ....j/k
  12. OLDE ENGLISH '800

    OLDE ENGLISH '800 Registered+

    im the only one i know that likes baja blast,good to know someone else likes it.
  13. klondike_bar

    klondike_bar Banned

    id think that coolaid or crystal light would rock. iv gotta try....
  14. yoda

    yoda Registered+

    im pretty sure beefer was being sarcastic, by saying it'd kill you before the carcinogenics do.

    water is the best, and only liquid, that should be used. juice and other flavored drinks are gonna leave a sticky residue all over the inside of your bong, making it a hassle to clean. i've also noticed that using those fruity waters leaves a smell quite similar to diarrhea, very unpleasant.
  15. toketaker

    toketaker Registered+

    yeah man, no taco bell trip is complete without baja blast!
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  16. otottoto

    otottoto Registered+

    hahaha nice, my thought on this is simple: i'll use different liquids in my homemade bongs only, NEVER in my sacred glass bong, thats just wrong
  17. dutchy420

    dutchy420 Registered+

    Ive heard of people fillling their glass bongs with warm water and tossing in a green tea bag. Apparently the Beatles experimented with green tea leaf smoking. this is somewhat similar i guess ;)
  18. TormentedImp

    TormentedImp Registered+

    ^^^ err dumb for using alcohol

    and THE best bong waters are cinnamon scope and concentrated frozen fruit juice

    dont use any mouth wash of listerien strength because theres too much alcohol in there
  19. The Gnome

    The Gnome Registered+

    Don't use sugary bong water, it will trap cannabinoids within the medium
  20. twitch

    twitch Registered+

    the only variation i have tried is water that is near freezing and hot water
    which i actually like that hot water it feels fuller when u hit it

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