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    Anyone into bonsai? i have been growing bonsai trees since i was about 12. ive had a few for like 12 years or so also. i'll post one pic of a tree i have, but it is in a different location, and at a different time for security reasons.

    this is a dawn redwood. its a deciduous conifer recently disovered in China (like in 1948) manyu fossil specimens were known previously. anyhow this rare tree is a metasequoia, much like the sequoia genus (coast redwood) and sequoiadendron (sierra redwood or gian sequoia). this particular tree is probably 10 years old, and while it will continue to grow in diameter, its height will be maintained, giving the tree the look of a maturee sequoia (i hope) this is a very rewarding artform, that i find just as rewarding (if not more) than growing fine buds. bonsai trees are capable of outliving their wild cousins and may live indefinitely as the stunting process prevents the tree from passing into old age. also pictured is Abby, a felis domesticus.

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    Beautiful tree, and a fantastic specimen- I like the species choice- it's a 'missing link' type species, like the Ginkgo!
    Did you see this bonsai dandelion I posted in the Grow Lounge? I didn't make it; some member of the Mass Horticultural Society has an imagination and way too much time on his hands! :D

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    Yup. My Dad has a whole bonsai garden. I'll post up pictures later if you want them PM me.

    Me and my friends always smoke in my shed, and his garden is right next to the shed so whenever we come out of the shed we stare at the bonsai trees for a few minutes.

    I'm thinking about like making a male cannabis plant into a bonsai tree.

    I have NO idea if that will work at all. :thumbsup:
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    I'm sort of into bonsai growing. I've got a little elm that I've had for 3 years now. I used to have a really nice azalea too but it got some funky bug infestation and bit the dust. :( Neither were anything like yours though, those are gorgeous.

    There's a pretty big bonsai club here in the San Francisco area and once a year they have a show at one of the local malls. They usually will have some for sale, along with pots and other equipment, but the real reason to check out the show is the display specimens. These are usually the most incredible bonsais you cound imagine. Simply incredible. I'd love to have just one like that some day.
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    cool dandelion!!! man i want to post more pics, but then i mnight get busted if someone puts my two "grows" together. i'll see what i can do. these are pretty non-linkable i hope.

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    we have mostly nmative red spruce hich i have collected from TN, VA, NC and W. VA. While it is true that I have collected form most of these states that is actually the species entire range , so yeah. you don't know where i live other than somewhere in Palestine.. there is an old Jade tree, a nice dwarf holly both about 8 years proolly, the shallow pot has a gardenia there... i have many more but i cannopt really picture them as they might get me in trouble. I wish i could at least describe my prized 80 year old (censored)

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