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Discussion in 'Massachusetts (MA)' started by RIP ODB, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. RIP ODB

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    I am from a small town on the cape and our head shop selection sucks ass. I was wondering if any of you fellow MAers out there knew of any good head shops in the Bean.

    I'm looking for illadelph glass, roors, and some sick bubblers.

    If any of you all could help I would appreciate it.

    So, Bostonians, where do you get your glass??
  2. RIP ODB

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    Not one of you can tell me the name of a decent head shop in Boston?
  3. heatherhatesyou

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    the hempest on newbury street is really good, but fairly expensive. they have tons of hemp clothing and products, too.
  4. fuzzylogic

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    Yeah, definately do not go there with less than 75 and expect to bring anything nice home.
  5. degreeabsolute

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    hempest sucks. you are better off going to sugar daddy's or good times.
  6. Awill3449

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    does sugar daddy's card for under 18's?
  7. 420gman

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  8. partymost

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    Head shops -N and W Mass

    I've just moved to Cape Cod myself. Sucks is better than I have found it here. Shops in Boston are P R I C E Y !!!! A good head shop with excellent prices and a wide selection of standard pieces with a few exotics is:

    Rte 5
    Enfield, CT This is just South of Springfield MA off Rte 91

    If you are really into a journey you can do what I do. Save up, don't go often, and take the trip to Torrington, CT. There is a shop there called Wasteland that has a cool owner who will make deals even on the comparatively low prices marked, especially if you stop in for a quantity purchase. Wasteland: 860-482-2000 Call first. Store hours can be annoying.
  9. Zimzum

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    I think I've been there. I do some dog breeding in that area. Boston prices are expensive yes. Best deals are probably always gonna be online.
  10. JamFlowMan

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    Go to Quick-Mart in Woonsocket RI, its rigth over the state border im not sure the exact location but if you google it you should find it..they have bongs bubblers mini hookahs bowls all pretty cheap..i bought my piece there for $20 and its lasted me years.
    oh btw they dont ID either
  11. markomon

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    I would go with this JamFlowMan's suggestion as If I am not mistaken possession of paraphanelia in MA is a felony where as possesion of da herb is a misdeamenor up to I think an oz. I live here in MA as well and have always used mail order. is based here in the ole USA as I used to do business with but it got kinda stupid using these folks to get say pipe screens and pay those shipping fees from Amsterdam.
  12. deadhead65

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    dude for real? How can they even prove that the paraphanelia isn't for tobacco?:wtf:
  13. Jesta

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    I've heard the hempest is really good from my friends and they have some really nice bongs from there. They also said it's madd expensive.
  14. Jim Morrison

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    hempest sucks i went in their once and all i saw was clothes i dont know if they had the bongs hidden somewhere or if they just stopped selling them

    my favorite head shop is definitely buried treasures on Haivland ave. the dude that works their is cool as shit i bought my volcano there and he threw in a metal grinder for free and i always buy my salvia from there too 30x potency rips your mind up.

    the prices arent that bad but they dont really have much of a selection just a few hookahs few bongs and an assortment of one hitters and metal and glass pipes.

    another one thats alright is sugar daddys they have a much bigger store and much bigger selection of glass pieces but they charge an arm and a leg for glass blown bongs $300+ for some pieces
  15. Hazeydays

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    Good times closed
  16. foxysox

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    If you're in N/Central MA you owe it to yourself to check out phat stuff in Winchester NH. No sales tax either! VERY VERY good glass selection, good prices, and they have some really stunning pieces that would make a real snob happy. That's where I get all my glass and accessories. Their selection of replacement sliders is VERY VERY good. You will always find one to match your bong.
  17. captian420

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    i no a good shop around there in providence town its called opm they have sum sick glass there
  18. FriendlyWalrus

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    There aren't too many head shops (let alone good head shops) in Boston. Sugar Daddy's Hempest, and Buried Treasures are the only notable ones that come to mind. If you're willing to drive, there are also a couple of good ones in southern NH. Other than that, you might as well get on one of those round trip busses to NYC and get some glass in greenwich.
  19. NuGlass

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    heady glass in cape cod mass

    There is a new glass shop in Hyannis that is still somewhat of a secret. At the end of Main Street, tucked in the corner near the old Beech Tree, you will find Morrison Glassworks. A family-friendly storefront leads you to a back room containing a sweet selection of heady glass, all made right there in the studio. They do custom orders, too. Watch him make your bowl!

    This guy sells his work to head shops in Boston, Providence, Northampton, VT and CT. The sticker prices are lower than you'll see anywhere else for this quality glass (and they're usually down to haggle). Anyone who knows heady glass knows that this is the shit.

    WELL worth the drive from Boston or Providence.
  20. joshblank

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    The Joint is by far the best shop in Boston for many reasons. First, prices are beyond better than average and the owner will gladly knock even more off the price if you buy in a group or if it is simply your first time in the shop. Second, if you go in and you are polite, well mannered, and talk to the guy he will be happy to throw you a one-hitter, a couple dutches, and some rolling papers for free. Get to this shop stat!

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