Bottom leaves are turning yellow and brown!!

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by everready, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. everready

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    My top leaves seem fine, but my bottom leaves are turning yellow and brown. Does anyone know whats wrong? hopefully i posted the picture right and you will be able to see it. in a related question.. does anyone know how to post pics from photobucket on this thread.

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  2. Weezard

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    A wild ass guess.

    Bad link, brah.
    "I. E. can not display..."

    But, it's normal to have the fan leaves turn yellow during bloom.
    How yellow, and how fast, depends on a lot of variables.

    Remember, the more information you post, the better "guess" yer gonna get in return.

    Aloha Weezard
  3. everready

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    they're pretty yellow and brown. the plant is about a month old. I used miraclegrow on it recently but only a little.
  4. Charbud

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    Those circular leaves at the bottom of the plant are the embryonic leaves. They die off as a natural process, Dont worry ! Also your lower fan leaves may yellow/brown and fall off, this is quite normal if your plant is over 3-4 weeks old.

    Sure all will be fine

  5. Sandm4n

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    yellowing of bottom marijuana leaves is common in flowering and sometimes happens to the bottom leaves in veg how ever the "brown" you report of leads me to belive you have a little over fert going on. espically since u said you used miracle grow. Mg is super concentraited and with out dilution a full feeding will most likely cause burning of the leaves, the brown will usually start at the tip of the leaves if it is over fert. depending on how much you over fed them leaves could turn entirely brown and drop off and if u give it way to much the whole plant could die. but its hard to say with out a picture. If you are talking about the very first set or two of leaves then i would say its normal and nothing to worry but if its anything higher then that and on a number of leaves i would say over fert. Gl and to be safe back off the MG :Rasta:

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