Boulder denies 24 commercial MMJ applications

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    Boulder denies 24 MMJ applications | Boulder County Business Report

    Boulder denies 24 MMJ applications
    By Beth Potter
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    May 26, 2011 --

    BOULDER - Workers have denied 24 medical marijuana business license applications of a total 118 applications filed with the City of Boulder, a spokeswoman said on Thursday.

    As many as six of the businesses are appealing the denials, said Sarah Huntley, the spokeswoman. Appeals can go through a quasi-judicial decision process with the city attorney's office, and businesses can stay open during the appeal period, Huntley said. Other denied businesses may still appeal as well, she said.

    If any owner, operator or anyone with interests in the medical marijuana business license application had a criminal record, the application was denied, Huntley said. If the business was in a location that is not compliant with zoning regulations - often too close to a school or to another medical marijuana business - the license application also was denied, she said.

    "The city's position is that those are fact-based findings. But if a business believes it can argue its case, it has the right," Huntley said.

    Medical marijuana is allowed in Colorado under a constitutional amendment approved by voters in 2000. Dispensaries proliferated across the state in recent years after federal pronouncements that medical marijuana law decided by states should not be prosecuted.

    City sales and use tax revenue has averaged about $47,000 per month from medical marijuana businesses in the last several months since the city started keeping track, according to statistics from the finance department.

    The denied businesses included wellness centers, growing operations and infused product manufacturing businesses, each of which had to submit separate business license applications, Huntley said. Several of the businesses that were denied had asked for more than one business license approval. Business addresses were not released:

    1. 14er Holistics (wellness center)
    2. Boulder Meds (wellness center)
    3. Boulder Meds LLC (grow operation)
    4. Boulder Meds LLC (infused products)
    5. Boulder MMJ (wellness center)
    6. Boulder Rx LLC (wellness center)
    7. Boulder Rx LLC (grow operation)
    8. Colorado Bottling Co. (infused products)
    9. Colorado Bottling Co. LLC (grow operation)
    10. EPIC Cure (infused products)
    11. Fresh Baked (wellness center)
    12. Green Heart LLC (grow operation)
    13. The Greenest Green (wellness center)
    14. High Country Medical Solutions LLC (grow operation)
    15. High Grade Alternatives LLC (grow operation, location 1)
    16. High Grade Alternatives LLC (grow operation, location 2)
    17. High Grade Alternatives LLC (wellness center)
    18. Lotus Medical (wellness center)
    19. Medican (wellness center)
    20. Mountain Medicine Group (wellness center)
    21. Southwest Alternative Care (grow operation)
    22. Spoon Full of Sugar (infused products)
    23. Timberline Herbal Clinic and Wellness Center (grow operation)
    24. Top Shelf Alternatives LLC (wellness center)
    (Source: City of Boulder)

    Now that the first phase of compliance has been completed, the businesses will also be checked for code compliance and other issues, such as whether the applications were complete, Huntley said. Even energy use and efficiency is addressed in a city ordinance that governs the businesses, she said.

    "This is a long process; we never said that it wasn't," Huntley said.

    Because the industry has a limited history, yearly comparisons on sales and use tax revenue isn't available. February 2011 revenue collected in March was $68,348. In January 2011, the sales and use tax revenue collected was $55,982.
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    and it begins.... good luck those of you who are appealing.
  3. HighPopalorum

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    What begins, canaguy27?
  4. cornbread

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    boulder has enough without an extra 24 IMO
  5. cornbread

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    Reminds me...I went to get certified thru a Boulder dispensary a while ago. The woman owner didn't quite know what to say during a lull so she blurted out, "I called my mom the other day and told her, "Guess what mommie? I'm going to sell pot!" You can see the concern she has for authentic patients who actually need to herb to half-way function...
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  6. pfunk211

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    sounds like a people's choice wellness center move.

    the lady-owner of that place is a loon!
  7. CDS

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    We were approved in Boulder and offer real wellness services for members, including an hour of free body work every month.
    CDS Boulder - 2995 Baseline Rd, Suite 110, Boulder CO 80303
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    The Federal government is going to start shutting down dispenseries in every state very soon, it's just a matter of time. This whole thing has gotten out of hand and has made a lot of people very rich when the spirit of compassionate use is to provide patients with affordable medications and that is NOT happening. When a co op is charging $50 an 8th they are operating FOR PROFIT! I don't give a shit about overhead blah, blah, blah, growers and patients are getting fucked while the "co-op's" are raking it in hand over fist.
  9. copobo

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    you need to go to a different shop and buy ounces. call ahead for specials.

    or better yet, grow your own. you will be your cheapest and best source of meds for the rest of your life. invest in yourself and grow!
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    It seems to me that the real news is the 94 apps they approved. See Ft. Collins.
  11. copobo

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    no shit. Boulder will let you do half of what you want as long as you pay out the ass!
  12. davo420

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    I'm paying less now then I have in a long time. $350/oz was standard before, now $300/oz. Used to have to buy quantity to get that price before.
  13. Zedleppelin

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    You're still paying $300/oz? Need a caregiver?
  14. Purple Daddy

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    @ 300 an oz. I'll meet you half way around Utah! LOL
  15. pfunk211

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    +1 for that
  16. CDS

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    Anything over $250 right now is pretty much criminal! We charge $180/oz for almost all of our strains, $225 for those that go a little longer.

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