Bout to go toke out of a lemon... does that work?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by ripher, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. ripher

    ripher Registered+

    My brother ate the last apple so all we had were lemons. i came upstairs and made one that looks like it will work pretty well but then again ive never seen or heard of someone smoking out of a lemon, cause apples are always easier. U think it will work?

    The top hole on the side is the carb, in the middle of the bowl on top i shoved a pen down the center of the lemon and poked those 2 holes in the side with a pen as well.

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  2. rebgirl420

    rebgirl420 Registered+

    A lemon? WTF? hahah man you guys are fucking Macgyvers! Go for it hun, ill be rooting for you!
  3. BoilerUp

    BoilerUp Registered+

    No reason why it shouldn't.
  4. MisterGreen

    MisterGreen Registered+

    it might add a nice citrusy flavor. haha. go for it, i wanna see if it works.
  5. Xhoshi

    Xhoshi Registered+

    haha...that's gonna be the new thing now instead of apple.
    i found out small pears work good too.
  6. ripher

    ripher Registered+

    It worked perfect... and yes you definately got the taste of lemon with your hit. Id say it worked just as well if not better than an apple :thumbsup:
  7. RyanTheCaveman

    RyanTheCaveman Registered+

    hahah tahts awesome i want to ttry taht.
  8. slpntrx5

    slpntrx5 Registered+

    damn, man...let's go get us some LEMONS!
  9. O. G. ganja smoker

    O. G. ganja smoker Registered+

    i wouldent make a pipe like that an apple is better the lemon juces would get the bud wet whitch = wet unsmokeable weed same with an orange but i would hit it if i dident have no other way
  10. Stoned_Friend

    Stoned_Friend Registered+

    u should also try smokin out of a strawberry or a raspberry its awesome ull never forget the faes of the people u smoke it in front off
  11. Xhoshi

    Xhoshi Registered+

    that has to be the most ridiculous idea i've ever heard...:wtf:
  12. Machello

    Machello Registered+

    Those flavors sound nice but a cherry apple strawberry one hitter is the only way to go. :)
  13. slpntrx5

    slpntrx5 Registered+

    talk about a fuckin lip burner!
  14. KL4D4

    KL4D4 Registered+

    I'd take a lime over a lemon for its flavorz
  15. ripher

    ripher Registered+

    the juices of the lemon were easily sucked out through the hole(s) before i put the bud in... it didn't get it wet at all... plus after a couple of lights it gets it all dry by the bowl anyways.
  16. TokinSurfer

    TokinSurfer Registered+

    apples are the shit
  17. Stoned_Friend

    Stoned_Friend Registered+

    reply to xhoshi when you make the pipe out of the strawberry or raspberry when u make the mouth piece put i tube at the end so it extendends the mouth peice and it doesent burn ur mouth
  18. i like citrusy tasting buds. maybe ill try it one day.
  19. JuniorBud

    JuniorBud Registered+

    i tried that shit and burnt my fuckin hair!:wtf:

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