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    Hey there. My boxer babe that is only 5.5 has suspected lymphoma. October 31st she started being a bit finicky with her food, and then gradually got worse and worse... November 17th, the second vet check-up, they suspected lymphoma... ultrasound and xrays showed enlarged lymph nodes internally as well, and a slightly enlarged spleen... they could not confirm 100% because the aspiration came back "reactive" and could not do a biopsy because her blood would not clot properly, and she would bleed too much from the operation.

    So here I am, giving her 25mg of prednisone, slightly cooked raw, milk thistle for the liver, probiotics, fish oil, turmeric, and 1:1 Cannabis oil. Her lymph nodes shrunk right away from the pred after first day... she started taking the oil about a week later (hard to get in Canada!) .... are there any success stories out there for pups on oil with lymphoma?? Any advice?? Dosage advice would be great! I've been increasing gradually. Right now she is on 1/4 dropper twice a day. In a couple of days it will increase again... she doesn't have as much energy as before obviously, but she seems very happy, loves to eat, cuddles with me now, it's great. A couple of weeks ago she was so bad, I thought we were going to lose her :(

    Thanks in advance for your comments, and sorry for the novel :p
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    You may check out as well; a good friend of mine uses them so she doesn't have to worry about dosing.
    I hope your pup is feeling better <3

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