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    Since it appears my home state will soon be legalizing possession and growing, I am planning to grow a couple of plants in the near future. Unfortunately, my use of the product is forbidden as the government controls me through my CDL, but I have always wanted to try my hand at growing and never had balls enough to go for it.

    My plan is to do an "indoor" grow in a shed once the New England weather allows it. I'm thinking of purchasing a tent with light and charcoal filter and fan for air circulation. I was wondering how long it would take if I got them started in the house until I moved them into the shed. This would give me a bit of a head start on our shortish summer season.

    I've not decided on a strain yet either, something known for ease of growing like White Widow or Northern Lights. Any suggestions from those of you with experience would be greatly appreciated. I've just begun to research and have a lot to learn before I get started, but am really anxious to go for it.
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    Plan on a minimum of 8 weeks from seed for vegging under lights and then flowering with 12:12.

    For an outdoor, Vermont grow, I'd plant seeds 4 weeks before the last frost, and match the light ratio to what they will see when you put them out.
    Doing it that way should get you some >12 foot plants at harvest.

    The best all around, easiest to grow, and most rewarding strain that I have found is Ice Breaker. Got one seed as a freebie and fell in love with it.
    I re-propagate through cuttings.
    They are a bit pricey. Almost $30 per seed.
    Sure that will become a few thousand's worth of meds, but it's still a little rich for my budget.
    A good choice at a reasonable price is Golden Diesel.
    Easy to grow, good yield, and quality "side effects".
    E komo mai! (welcome) to cdot.

    Wee 'zard
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    Thanks Weezard for the tips. I will continue to research as news has it today our governor will be signing the bill this week but it will not go into effect until July 1 so I still have some time to "gather my bearings" I have found a great deal on a 400w HPS light so I bought that and it is on its way. I will probably go with a 24x48x84 grow tent to leave myself enough height so I wont run out of room.
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    That sounds like a good plan. :)
  5. xjking

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    Since I a,m probably only ever have 2 plants growing at a time, I wonder if a 32x32x72 or maybe a 36x36x72 tent size might be better. I think lighting would be more even.
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  6. Weezard

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    Good thinking.


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