Breaking up marijuana (i know how, but...)

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by gimmegimmes, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. gimmegimmes

    gimmegimmes Registered

    I'm bored and wanted to know if it's a good idea to break up marijuana pre-anything. Or if it's a bad idea like when you cut up apples and they soon turn brown...

    that's just an analogy... i just want to know if breaking up marijuana well before using it at all will alter the freshness or anything of the sort?

  2. GoldenGraham84

    GoldenGraham84 Registered+

    well, breaking up a bud will dislodge some of the trichomes. this may not matter much in commercial "brick" dirt weed, as the packaging process (compacters) does a lot of dislodging. breaking up a bud with more moisture probably increases the chances of mold attacks. short answer from me is probably not.
  3. jimmy8778

    jimmy8778 Registered+

    well, it depends on the circumstances. First, if you have say an O and you are going to smoke it over a month, i wouldnt grind/break it up first, it helps to keep it fresher. If your going out of town for a weekend and you want to pack light and grind it up first its no big deal. The more ground up it is the more surface area there is to dry out quicker, so if you wanna keep your weed fresh keep it nuggeted. if you want convience then grind it up, just grind up enough for a day or two though to preserve freshness. Light also degrades weed so the more broken it is the more exposed to light it typically is. But just wondering now to help explain better, what are the circumstances surrounding your question, or is it just curiosity, i hear that it kills cats you know.
  4. 415plus5

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    keep it in nug form, when you are going to use some, grind that shit up and take it to the dome! dont forget about the keef you get from grinding it...
  5. halfassedjedi

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    I used to know this guy in high school who would always pick up o's ever week and before he would pack any at all he would make me help him break up the whole damn thing. so annoying.

    just break it up as you go!
  6. jimmy8778

    jimmy8778 Registered+

    that reminds me of this kid i knew growing up, we were smoking one time and he had this bag full of a quarter of weed that was already ground up. I asked him why he had all of it ground up, it was about a quarters worth, and he said he picked it up that way. I asked him why he did it and he said that he hates braking weed up so its easier to do it that way, and i thought to myself that it is a good principle, but really, ive had too many issues with weed getting to dry on hand for me to want to have all of it preground.
  7. maxsuperdanks

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    I'd never buy my weed pre broken up....
  8. Stoner Shadow Wolf

    Stoner Shadow Wolf Registered+

    that's my answer in a nutshell! :thumbsup:

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