Breaking up weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by bzbuzzard, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. bzbuzzard

    bzbuzzard Registered+

    ok so what ive been doing is hangin out with friends smoking and hangin out with my bro and smoking ive always had people roll it for me and break it up for me and shit like that but now i want weed of my own so i can get good and fucked up and just get ....good and fucked up lol.....but i dnt know how to break teh shit up lol ive alway had people do do you break it up can someone post like pics o something or just do liek a quick run down lol ....aight thanks peace
  2. tylerkane

    tylerkane Banned

    This is very complicated.
    1) Grab weed
    2) Pull apart
    3) Pack bowl
    I am sincerly sorry, but your a fucking idiot
  3. haphsaph

    haphsaph Registered

    remove the stems and the seeds (save these if you want to make pot brownines) or it will be really harsh.
  4. bzbuzzard

    bzbuzzard Registered+

    thanks at least your not an ass liek the other guy
  5. haphsaph

    haphsaph Registered

    still trying not to be an ass

    learn grammar/spelling/punctuation sweetie
  6. bzbuzzard

    bzbuzzard Registered+

    its a forum why do you need grammar puncuation and spellin i know how to spell i just type to fast and am to lazy to fix anything
  7. haphsaph

    haphsaph Registered

    just common courtesy for the people that have to read it
  8. BDubz26062

    BDubz26062 Registered+

    lol break up weed?

    1.take the bud
    2.pull it apart
    3.remove all seeds and stems
    4.make sure its all crumbled up/ might want to break it up real fine when rollin a J

    there ya go

  9. XxMaDxX89

    XxMaDxX89 Registered+

    lol ya just take the seeds and stems out and if its for a join crush the bud peices up like pouder but if its for a bowl i like having it in little chunks it tastes better IMO
  10. sToNeDpEnGuIn420

    sToNeDpEnGuIn420 Registered+

    I always break up bags when i sell them. Makes it look like more, haha guillbe not anyone of you's but the ppl round here.
  11. XxMaDxX89

    XxMaDxX89 Registered+

    lol i dont buy broken up bud i always buy it in good as crystalized nugs so i can smell it and i dont break cron up cuss i just stuff and huge nug in the bowl
  12. bzbuzzard

    bzbuzzard Registered+

    dude xx that avatar is trippin
  13. XxMaDxX89

    XxMaDxX89 Registered+

    what do you mean bzbuzzard?
  14. kaela

    kaela Registered+

    man. people like you all make me want to leave this site.
  15. XxMaDxX89

    XxMaDxX89 Registered+

    maby it is better if you leave... :cool:
  16. AHLaD

    AHLaD Registered

    fucking hell guys! Have none of you ever used a crusher?

    This will almost double the amount of spliffs you can make. A good one will turn your weed into dust. It takes no time at all too.

    If you cant get a crusher, then use a pair of scissors. This will get you a lot more off a bud than pulling it apart with your hands
  17. MaDd

    MaDd Registered+

    lol its called a grinder and if your outside you cant really do that.
    i usually always break up when i smoke. i put it right in my hand and break with the other one. lol
  18. Warlock

    Warlock Registered+

    Use a grinder. Grinders are good shit
  19. Cannada777

    Cannada777 Registered

    instead of a grinder you can just put all the bud in the palm of your hand and bup it - then with the other hand squeeze yourhand in a fist with your thumb on top and then use your thumbnail to "grind" the weed up in your other hand - learned from a jamaican :D thats how they do there
  20. lizka4200

    lizka4200 Registered+

    WOW!...what a question
    i dont like when it turns dusty it makes it burn like its tight (a blunt)

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