Brick Myths. Dank. Wtf?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by audiocide, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. audiocide

    audiocide Registered+

    I just recently bought a lb for 3,200. It was compressed into brick form, and was made very small. I bought it and would have paid more.

    Wanna know why?

    This stuff was covered in THC. It looked like this stuff was dusted with confectioner's sugar. Every bit of it was insane. I have broken up, steamed, and sold a good half lb by now, and guess what? No stems, no seeds. And it's consistent with the appearance.

    I have done this every month I don't have my homegrown left (or if I need side money). Selling this dank at a mere 10 bucks per gram to friends equals up to right about near 4,500 bucks. 1,300 profit.

    So my question is this. I hear talk all the time of people who say "schwag brick shit" or "bs brickweed" and have no idea why. Any time I have ever encountered a brick, it has been very dank-assed bud.

    Do bricks normally contain the worst possible grass ever, or what?

    Please do share.

  2. ibreakthings

    ibreakthings Registered+

    Ive never even seen a brick. Around here, though, im told i could get a pound for 1000 so maybe you just payed more for better stuff?
  3. LegallyBlind

    LegallyBlind Registered+

    The brick wasn't covered in THC, it was covered in crystals which do contain THC. I wish I had a pound man.
  4. audiocide

    audiocide Registered+

    Regardless of whatever it was still covered in THC... Knock-you-on-your-ass levels.

    Does it surprise some of you that some of the best smoking shtuff has very little resin and smokes incredibly smoothly?

    And I wish I had a lb too. Gotta make my money back, only keeping a half lb at most. But friend to friend, we share and share alike.

    Which brings me to another question: Those of you who grow & sell or buy & sell... Do you consider yourselves drug dealers?

  5. Brennan

    Brennan Registered+

    I've sold out of bags and stuff. I'd never consider myself a drug dealer. Most of the people were friends or someone who asked me to sell them some. It's cool making a little pocket cash. I think dealers gotta be selling as their income source to be dealers.
  6. Faultydesign

    Faultydesign Registered+

    Damn, that reminds me of this one time I took weed from my dad.

    It was real pale and light green. So I was like "C'mon dad are you smoking schwag?" So I only took like... 1 nug. But then I was breaking it down and it was so dense and it just got me and my guy flored from one blunt. Don't ever judge weed just by it's looks. Is what I learned that day.

    SENSESFAIL Registered+

    I love brick weed, but its sorta hard to get around here, but there is some going around right now, and its so compressed and dank, just one bowl of it and your stoned. and my dealer always hooks me up and one time he gave me a free little chunk off the brick, and you would think it would be just a joint but it broke out to be a huge blunt, but i just rolled 2 fat doobs.
  8. Powder Puff

    Powder Puff Registered+

    Sounds nice:)

    Here where I live, I can make 10000 £ to 20000 £ from one kilo..!:) I'm not lying!!:)

    You can't get any deacent weed, just bad hash.. And I mean really BAD hash..!:(

    Expensive as fuck, and not that potent!:p

    So, it's understanable, that people will, and do, buy weed for 10 - 20 £ a gramm..:p

    I know it's kinda ripping people of, so I try not to do it to extremly.. But keep in mind, thats CHEAP where I come from..!:p lol
  9. justinsane

    justinsane Registered+

    usually brickweed up here (wisconsin) is most of the time schwag, dunno why...
  10. Faultydesign

    Faultydesign Registered+

    You're from wisconsin?

    Where in?

    Milwaukee here.
  11. giuseppe123

    giuseppe123 Registered+

    brick simply means it is compressed into some small form, normally to get acroos the borders into this country. the tighter the transporter can pack his storage compartment with product means more money. the bottom line is most of the time "brick" weed is mexican dirtweed filled with stems and seeds. think about it, why would someone grow and manicure beautiful buds only to smash them together into a brick?
  12. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    By the sounds of it, you aren't getting Mexi brick weed, for something that is a mind boggling $3200, doesn't sound like it would be of low quality.

    A true brick of weed, would only cost about $900 a pnd, not $3200.
  13. rollinKansas

    rollinKansas Registered+

    yes all of this is true, but often times ppl prefer fluffy uncompressed buds, and are just describing that theirs is flat. but another point is that i myself have encountered shit tons of buds that were bricked/compressed and a very large percent of it wasnt close to dank.
  14. lemonboy

    lemonboy Registered+

    Yeah it sounds like you're getting compressed stuff which isn't what I think of when I think "brick". Could it be Canadian? The compressed bud I get from there is great. It's more like it's "pressed" than compressed because the nugs are so thick. Ask your guy something unspecific about it. It's good to know these things.
  15. audiocide

    audiocide Registered+

    Well for one, I never buy without knowing why I should. Venezuela and the bowl I smoked as a test was enough.

    And amazingly, if you find something lb for less than a grand around here, it's not even grass anymore.

    But people are used to buying high, so I sell decently high.

  16. Kid Dynamite

    Kid Dynamite Registered+

    compressed dosent necessairly mean bad. Sometimes its just because its easier to get into the country. Thats why the UK is flooded with solid hash, because you can ship it in huge blocks.
  17. i'm not racists, if it gets me high, i'm happy.. i don't care what it looks like, can be the color of shit for all i care... i'm not after buying weed for looks/smell... i'm into buying weed to get as long as it does it's job i'm happy. and btw, i can get a lb. of brick weed here (schwagg more than likely, never bought a pound before) for 450-500....

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