Broke Stem 4 weeks into Flowering

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by StinkyLink, May 3, 2010.

  1. StinkyLink

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    -1st time grow, Healthy 14 week old plant, 5 weeks into flowering-

    Everything started off without a hitch, my little girl became a woman & then I broke her back :cursing: (main stem about half way up the plant), the repair went fine, this is not why im posting.

    Im posting because about 3 days after the brake I started noticing the lower branches growing as if I topped the plant. Now im affraid I may have destroyed my plants full bud potential or at least set it back a few weeks.

    My guess is I have changed the chemistry of the plant & forced it into some strange median between vegging & flowering.

    If anyone knows what is going to happen to my plant, or what I could do to correct this, please let me know.

    • Should I go ahead & early ripen?
    • Or should I just wait it out & hope for the best?
    • Is my plant going to stress itself from the injury & produce less potent buds?
    • I read somewhere about "Zero Colas" which are long colas with little potency, is this what I have now?

    I have some pictures of the growth, what gets me is why do some of my colas grow normal & others are growing weird.
    (Sorry about the pics their all out of focus, my camera sucks!)

    --The first pic is of a normal cola on the same plant as the other pics. Notice the dark green leaves with white hairs protruding above the crystal coated vegetation.

    --The second & thrid pics are the strange growths first from the top the second from the side. You can see the bulk at the bottom where the bud stopped growing normally. Notice the non crystallized light green flat single leaves that protrude above the white hairs.

    --The last pic im a little lost for words as I started noticing little bundles of extremely large Pistils (3/16" long) with 2 orange hairs each, located directly in the center of the pic.

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  2. Rusty Trichome

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    Stress slows-down normal growth. Depending on severity of the break and strain stability, and your ability to leave the patient to heal. (not make it worse by throwing additives and crap at it) Healing a broken branch should only take a couple of weeks, but she should resume 'normal' growth soon enough.

    I'd take them as far as they will go. You've gone this far, why quit now?
    Not that you were intending to feminize seeds, but when someone does attempt to feminize, first they have to stress the lady. You've definately done that, so keep an eye out for nanners. If this was a stable strain, any pollen they produce, will produce nothing but females.

    A couple of way's to looking at it if she does turn on ya:
    1) If she does start throwing-out stress nanners, all the seeds will be female, which many gardeners pay top dollar for. This is a different situation than someone all of a sudden finding unintentional nanners on a genetically weak strain. You know the stress you created caused the nanners.
    2) If she does self-pollinate, the yield will suffer as she switches into a seed-set phase. More seeds equals less yield.

    Even if she doesn't hermie, the yield may (will likely) suffer a tad, but the trichomes will still develop and mature. So if harvested early, you are likely losing yield and quality.

    I try to always recommend folks taking their grow to to the bitter end. There's no education like personal experience.

    Or, cull 'em early and start over. Or re-veg her. :thumbsup:
  3. StinkyLink

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    Thanks for the reply Rusty Trichome, I do intend on taking my plant to the bitter end no matter what happens, this is my first grow after all & im curious to see its full cycle. I was just curious if I should do something in this type of situation or just let it grow.

    I haven't tried to add anything extra after my break just the normal 15,30,15 ferts, I know a little about plants & natural coarse is always the best.

    • Do you think the enlarged pistils could be carrying seeds? Their about the right size.
    • Im also curious about why some of my colas have grown more rapid while others have not. Some are above the break & some are below it.
    • About how long do you think this will push back my harvest? Or should it still be on time.

    Some of the wild growing colas have started to grow branches, especially my main tip. I have like 3 main tips now LOL.

    But on the plus side at least the wild growing colas appear to be thickening up, but I can still see the stem through all the pistils, the leaves are starting to look normal finally.
  4. Rusty Trichome

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    You answered your own question. :thumbsup:
    Your 15-30-15 nutrients might be force-feeding her too much nitrogen during flowering. 3.5 x 10 x 3.5 (about one quarter strength) is still a tad high. It (the overuse of nitrogen) stretches the plant making the buds appear straggly and they won't want to finish properly. Plus, you'll have a harder time flushing them before harvest, and you'll have to cure longer to remove the chemical aftertaste.
    I would start thinking seriously about a good 3-part nutrient system. (3 1-quart bottles...$35.00 or so) Provides almost everything you need for nutrients and micronutes, and at the right NPK levels. Well worth the price, as the nutrients last me all year. :thumbsup:

    No. Pistils are tubes that catch the pollen and transport it down into the calyx, where the seed forms. As the seed forms, the calyx will swell and develop a light (yellowish-white) 'racing stripe' along it's suture. As unseeded calyx's mature, they swell too, but no "racing stripe".

    This could be from a number of reasons. From removing that cola's fan leaves, to position under the lights or in front of the fan(s).

    At least a week or two of healing, plus likely a sluggish finish. Stress tends to stunt the ladies. Some gardeners use "supercropping" as a bulking technique, but snapping the cola is taking the technique a tad far, lol.
  5. StinkyLink

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    Ooops I meant to say my calyx are 3/16" not the little hairs (the part the hairs come out of) & yes the cluster in my last picture I posted shows them with a strip, im not sure if you can make it out threw in the picture though.

    I have no flowers how can this be possible? As soon as you mentioned the strip running down the calyx I knew instantly that's what I have.

    Do I have a Jesus Plant? Miraculous Birth LOL.
  6. Rusty Trichome

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    Doubtful it's a miracle. Nanners don't always form at the internodes. Often, they are inside the bud itself. Being bright-yellow, nanners are usually fairly easy to spot in the buddage though.

    If you recently grew-out a male, or had a previous hermie drop a load of pollen...the free-range pollen might still be pollinating your ladies.
  7. WashougalWonder

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    Just to add to this topic....I recently accidentally broke the main tip top on a plant that had been in the flower room 2 weeks when I transplanted to a larger pot. Yes, growth did slow a little...sort of. The bottom caught up to the top and the main top is now growing 6 main colas, all equivalent in size, no nanners showing at all. No stress other than that issue on this plant. Actually it is looking kinda cool, normally I don't top this plant, and if I did it would have been in veg.
  8. Charbud

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    Im currently doin an lst grow and there were stories of broken stems, apparently if you use a splint to straighten it out the plant will heel its self, worth a try ?
  9. Rusty Trichome

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    Yup. Don't strap it down too tight, but make sure it doesn't move for a couple of days. (back of closet/growroom away from direct fans)

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