Brown cigarettes?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by A Scanner Darkly, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. A Scanner Darkly

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    OK, so is there a special name for these I should be aware of? They're slightly bigger than regular white cigarettes, but not cigar-large. I'm looking to make a joint/blunt using whatever paper/leaf is needed.
  2. Bob the Awesome

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    Ah crap, I remember seeing these too, but I can't remember the name ><
  3. shoi

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    im pretty sure

    i feel proud
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  4. funfubarman

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  5. Bob the Awesome

    Bob the Awesome Registered+

    I've seen cigarellos, but I have also seen a brown, large cigarette that's still smaller than a rello
  6. shoi

    shoi Registered+

    maybe just brown cigarettes... ive seen just regular brown ones...
  7. A Scanner Darkly

    A Scanner Darkly Registered+

    I don't think cigarillos is what I'm specifically thinking of, thanks for the quick replies though! All the images I saw on Google Image Search of these things were too fat.

    I mean for this brown thing to be very slightly larger than a regular cigarette if not the same size. Maybe it's just a regular cigarette made with whole-leaf tobacco or something.
  8. shoi

    shoi Registered+

    theres a brand here ive seen called lumberjack II which are brown and abt the size of a cigarette

    also theres also another one and its name is devil something or something devil
    i think theyre black
    and they have pink ones as well i think
  9. A Scanner Darkly

    A Scanner Darkly Registered+

    Hopefully I'll be able to find cigarette-sized cigar wrappings, because that would be ideal, but I'd settle on brown rolling papers I guess.
  10. five0addict

    five0addict Registered+

    prime time?
  11. Blazed and Confused

    Blazed and Confused Registered+

  12. notransfer

    notransfer Registered+

    i was gonna say cloves but those are cig sized
  13. Nissan_420sx

    Nissan_420sx Registered+

    al capones...I've always wanted to roll one up in thoese...their really fuckin tasty
  14. suhl

    suhl Registered+

    they are called little cigars
    cigarillos are about twice as long and three times as fat as a cigarette and come in packs of five.

    little cigars are basically cigarettes with a tobacco wrap. unless you are talking about something else

    which you could be, those only come in one brand. different brands they are called different things. just go to a smoke shop describe them and theyll get you what youre talkinga bout
  15. Box215

    Box215 Registered+

    i thought cloves were black? the only ones ive seen are black...
  16. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    Juicy Jay's as well makes a Chocolate flavoured paper that is brown too.

    Taste awful by the way, but they are brown paper. :p

    I'm not a blunt smoker, but couldn't you just cut the blunt wrap to a smaller size instead of having it so huge? I'm pretty sure you can, so just buy those and roll 2 smaller blunts with one wrap perhaps.
  17. Murphchas

    Murphchas Registered+

    Blunt?? Cigarillo??
  18. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Lol yeah I remember one of my aunts smoking one of these. At first my eyes got big cuz I thought it was a blunt at first lol!

    speaking of cigarettes I was really surprised. My dad doesn't smoke and hates that I smoke so much but last night I went down in the room where he stays when he comes over and found a pack of Basics in there with only 7 left! I took one. Was really tempted to smoke it but I put it back at the end of the day lol.
  19. BlazinTreesX3

    BlazinTreesX3 Registered+

    on the subject of Primetimes

    I wouldnt suggest em

    what you mean with the brown cigrettes are like what they said clove cigs. i seen it an advertisement that is on the back of a playboy at the airport...long wait other mags sucked...and they were darjum..

    yes bad for you i dont suggest em but then again...bigger hits because of anesthesiac...


    Maybe i would leave the tiniest bit of the clove int here... they come in big packs... hmmm

    Ill look into that on my own...

    Primiteims tho are supposed to be cigars but i just got one first ever so i was clueless but i see they have a filter kind of goldish.. theyre not what your thinking of..

    I just smoked my blunt of it and i woudnt suggest..

    im fuckin blazed but the hits were weird through the filter and when i went damn this and hit it hella hard half the blunt was gone...

    The smell was kinda good but was amazing before it was burnt so i was dissappointed.. they were same price as other blunts and i wouldnt suggest em again.

    The clove cigs i would suggest and ill try myself

    Indian cigs why would u use em is what i think but theyre brown too and more natural but still gonna be pretty unpure...

    pics--- not quite a blunt up to par...

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  20. Billy

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    Berkleys maybe, can't remember whether they were brown

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