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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by funky not a junky, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. funky not a junky

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    Hey i just met this kid again who lives on my street. (big mega stoner, does like insane drugs, hardass ect.) Who i havent talked to in a while. I was talkin to him and i busted out that i smoke weed and he was like o well call me about any drugs u want....ANY DRUGS. So i really want a weed brownie. Im going to call him and ask him for one. I just wanted to know the basic price of what a brownie might cost. btw a gram is about 20 for anything from kush to white widow, and an eighth is about 60-70 bucks. Just wondering how much you guys on the boards pay for like what size and stuff. Thanks so much for your support and happy tokin :smokin:
  2. funky not a junky

    funky not a junky Registered+

    o and also i would very much like to know what the high is like because im way into being mega hardcore baked and stuff. Just wanted to know if its like smoking a buncha bowls. If you guys can help i would be very appreciative
  3. microwavechips

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    everything depends on how much weed was used to make the brownies but they seem to give u a really strong high especially if u mix it with smoking a bowl or two, best thing to do would be to make them urself i really havnt heard of people selling them instead of actual bud
  4. microwavechips

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    o ya usually around 10 dollars per brownie
  5. funky not a junky

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    thnx for the reply o and whats the high like? Im really excited to be doing one but i heard that they can be either waaayy cool or mega uncool? Is it like being mega stoned?
  6. microwavechips

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    i only ate a brownie once and i was already high but it was a very intense high more mental than physical feeling but it was great either way
  7. PotHeed420

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    dude, don't ask him to make you brownies hes a dealer not a chef
  8. funky not a junky

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    Nah i think (95% sure) he gets his stuff from his friends at the clinic. (his friends have way cool doctors) So thats how he gets his herb and im assuming how he will obtain the brownies.
  9. 3rdEyeVision

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    Id say just make em yourself man itll be alot better
  10. Anathema2121

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    Lol I was just about to call you an asshole for asking the man to bake you a brownie instead of making them yourself when I saw that part about the clinic and I was like oh yeah they do actually sell those pre-made at club lol.
  11. budsmoker

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    70 bucks for an 1/8 talk about highway robbery
  12. jamstigator

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    I've got a nice brownie-making system going. I use 2.5 (dried) ounces of good pot per 48 fluid ounces of oil. So, figure that bottle costs about a thousand bucks on the street, and it's good for around 11 pans of brownies. A dose is two brownies, and the pan is cut into 16 brownie squares, so a pan is 8 good doses. That means the bottle is good for about 88 strong doses. Divide $1000 by 88 doses and you come out to about $12 per two brownies. That's assuming that you use something high in quality for the 2.5 ounces (I used White Rhino, which costs around $400/ounce on the street when you can find it.)

    So, the question isn't how much per brownie, but how much per dose, and a dose can be one or more brownies, depending on how much (and what quality) of pot was used to make the oil or butter. I wouldn't pay more than ten bucks per brownie, or more than twenty bucks per reasonably strong dose.
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