Brownies: How much weed?

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by nosirrom, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. nosirrom

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    Good evening!

    I have some simple questions.
    I want to make brownies for 8 people.

    How much weed (grams) do I have to use?
    Perhaps you could tell me the amout of weed and the amount of ingredients, so that they can match. Or the dimension/number of brownies (for 8 people).

    Can someone give me some help? Thanks! :)
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  2. VapedG13

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    get 2 cubes of butter... melt it....add 1/4 oz killer dry crumbled up weed to the melted butter....simmer low heat for 30 min (barely boiling)

    Use a pulp strainer... pour your weed/butter mixture through it into a glass measuring cup .....youll get 1/2 cup cannabutter.

    A brownie mix usually calls for 1/3-1/2 cup vegtable oil.... replace the veg oil with the 1/2 cup cannabutter....mix as usual....put the batter in a 9x9 pan

    Bake the brownies at 325 until done...... cut into 9 pieces (each piece is 1"x1")... I will usually eat 1 piece and I'm good for 7-8 hours....

    If you eat on a empty stomach the body high hits you faster....usually starts about 1 hour after you eat the MJ browine

    ..........................A brownie a day keeps reality away
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  3. nosirrom

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    Thank you for your answer!

    "I will usually eat 1 piece and I'm good for 7-8 hours" - Wow, I didn't know it was that strong.

    Btw, nice final quote! :D
  4. 4harley

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    thats a very light recipe.i usualy grind up buds in my coffee bean grinder till i get 100 ml in a measureing cup.[shook down and sorta packed till level].used to use 150 ml.anyways mix in the brownie mix for a 9x9 pan.sure you will taste weed but so what.cut into 1x1 then cut in half again.if needed.
    i like to drink a sixpac of beer then wait till the brownie hits.drink some more but my wife usely stops me buy then,hehe.

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