Brownies that dont taste like weed

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by thebrownieguy, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. thebrownieguy

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    You know, everytime I've made a batch of weed brownies, they always taste like weed. Weed and chocolate. Its not such a bad thing, I personally dont mind it. But im interested in

    how to make weed brownies without having them taste like weed and still keep the potency?

    If you have a suggestion or trick, please let me know.
  2. rudy2010

    rudy2010 Banned

    Are you making butter and using that in the brownies or just adding ground pot to the brownie mix.

    Using the butter will usually greatly reduce the weed taste in medibles. If it is still too strong try spicy oatmeal cookies. They kill the taste pretty well.
  3. wickedd

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    i actually made brownies yesterday that only when cooled didnt taste like weed. i used about 5 grams and ate some batter and it only tasted like chocolate. i used betty crocker chocolate chip brownies. i used this guide
    and it worked really well. i got really high but it took like 2 hours to effect me. but yeah they tasted nothing like weed. i made sure to grind the oil really small i didnt use a grinder i used a shot glass and scissors and then i went through it after if there were any full things. but yeah they tasted soo good fully like chocolate when they cooled however, when they were hot they tasted like weed too.
  4. moody420

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    I've been baking for several years now and I have found that chocolate, peanut butter and butterscotch are very good at masking the flavor of the cannabutter. Try making some fudge brownies and melt peanut butter over it before you bake. They will be virtually undetectable with the'll want to eat the whole pan! :jointsmile:
  5. ordeith

    ordeith Registered

    Have you tried cooking with oil instead of butter? I did this for 4/20 and they were spectacular and without a trace of weed taste.
  6. bigsby

    bigsby Banned

    Chocolate truffles made with hash oil. Bye-bye. May I have another one please?
  7. rudy2010

    rudy2010 Banned

    I found a peanut butter and chocolate bon bon kit at Groc Out. They were melt in your mouth and no canna butter taste.
  8. moody420

    moody420 Registered+

    ooh....those sound wonderful! :jointsmile:
  9. demoreal

    demoreal Registered+

    I love the taste

    I thought before reading this thread you wanted more weed taste. When I cook with weed I grind bud and sprinkle it on my final dish for flavor. I guess I am a weirdo.
  10. NaughtyDreadz

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    you should try stinky attick's washed butter method...

    I'm making peanut butter cups that tastes so good I want to eat more but then if I do, I'll get too fuctup
  11. drudown11

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    When making cannabis butter strain out the plant matter pretty good. If you do it well enough and your butter isnt too potent you can have some space cakes that even a police officer would enjoy:D(probably be in the hospital soon after though).

    Ive had some brownies that had virtually no weed taste at all. Man those things are dangerous. People were getting so high they thought they were dying, all because they underestimated an odorless brownie..
  12. moody420

    moody420 Registered+

    I really try to make my brownies taste good and eliminate the "weed flavor" as much as possible. I've had people eat them and say they couldn't taste anything and assume they are weak....30 mins later, they are on their ass! :D
  13. leadmagnet

    leadmagnet Banned

    Isn't the trick to good tasting brownies is to strain out the vegetable matter after doing the extraction?
  14. rudy2010

    rudy2010 Banned

    Definitely. Otherwise it will be like eating hay.
  15. donnachris

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    i would definitely try double washed cannabutter. you can do a google search. basically you mix butter, water and weed in a jar and put it in boiling water for 6-8 hours. strain out the weed and put in fridge to solidify. after it solidifies, poke holes in the butter and starin out the dirty water. replace with clean water, and put back in pan of water on stove and boil for about an hour. put back in fridge to solidify and follow instrucctions through one more time. after this is done, there should be no more weed taste. imve never done this, but i've read about it probably 20 different places.
  16. rudy2010

    rudy2010 Banned

    I like the idea of washing the impurities out of the cannabutter but it would be a long and time consuming process. I made a batch with 8 lbs of butter that resulted in 6 lbs of cannabutter. This is a big bowl full. It is not practical with this large of a batch to do the wash. I just try to find recipes that mask the taste.

    The snickerdoodles, peanut butter and oatmeal raisin cookies work well. I tried some others that mask the taste but I did not like the taste of the cookies like chocolate krinkle cookies and thumb print cookies. The lemon bars are excellent but due to the way they are made it is difficult to regulate the dose. I was thinking of making mini lemon bar rounds in the cupcake pans so I could measure the amount of crust that goes into each one since it contains all the cannabutter. Toffee and the candy recipe are both excellent and hide the taste.

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