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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by TheLizardKing, Sep 21, 2005.

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    Alright, I took a closer investigation and have found some more stuff. My buds are turning brown from the inside out. Just certain spots on my buds are turning brown, dead dry, and ive noticed little black dropping on the buds that maybe insect shit....maybe spider mites or catipillars. ive seen spider mites, catipillars i havent seen. The little black balls are planted within the bud and after a while the bud dries out completely and turns brown...i hope the pictures work and i hope you people can help me. i put a lot of work into this, i dont intend for it to turn into shit. and if it does, then im smokin the shit. anyways, someone please help me.

    The pics arent very good at all. The bud on the paper plate is the dry brown stuff i ripped off. i have a piece of shit camera. the 3 giant buds in the one pic all come from one plant, they are the tops of it. the little black dots on the plate is the stuff i found i the inside of the buds that maybe shit. it looks like insect shit or commie shit, who knows, please help.

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    Definatly catapillars...they craped all over my plant too.
    You need to get some cattapillar spray.
    I searched through the buds to find them and kill em'.
    Look for little white or yellow eggs on the outside of the flower and pull them off.

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