Bubble Hash - sticky everytime technique

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    I've been making bubble hash for about 2 years now. I've tried many different methods but here's what I find that works every time for even the most crusty of fan leaves.

    Here's what you need:
    1 set of Bubble Bags
    1 bubble-now mixing machine (you don't have to spend $400, go to eBay and find the guy in Canada for $130. It's simply a small 5 gallon dorm-room washing machine, I found them online from chine for $40 but you have to order 100 of them) The $130 off eBay is WELL WORTH IT.
    The bubble-machine comes with a 220micron work bag

    You don't necessarily need the bubble-now machine but it just makes the process so smooth.

    Put your material in the freezer overnight.
    1-Fill the bubble now with water and lots and lots of ice, you want the water no warmer than 4degrees, I like to use about 3/4 bag of ice from the supermarket with the coldest tap water I can have. Run the machine without your product in it for 2 minutes so that the water gets super cold.
    2-put a small layer of ice on the bottom of the work bag and put your product on top, then fill the rest of the bag with the remaining ice.
    3-turn on the machine for a 15 minute cycle, make sure the work bag is zipped up good and tight, then drop it in the machine.
    4-when the cycle is done squeeze out the water from the work bag and set aside.
    5-is the drain on the machine to pour the mixture through your bubble-bags I like to use a 126 micron and I save that for baking, next is a 72 micron for super bubble, next a 48 micron, then a 22. I find the sweetest from the 72 and the 48.
    6-here's the one part of the process that makes sticky-ooooey-gooooey every time, YOU HAVE TO RINSE EACH BAG AFTER YOU JIG IT OUT OF THE WATER. I like to take the bag and roll the sides down and run cold tap water over the strainings, this removes all the veg matter that might have made it through.
    7-remove the hash from the bag with a spoon, make sure you know what came from what bag. I like to use a small strainer from the grocery store then I freeze the powder for 1 day, remove it for 20 minutes, put it back in the freezer for a few hours then let it dry somewhere in your room.
    8-the next day with super clean hands just start rolling it into balls, it should warm from your bodyheat, after a few minutes you'll have black sticky gooey bubble hash.
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    You forgot about leaving the hash on a piece of cardboard for 1-3 days to dry the hash out ........ the smaller the pieces the better:thumbsup:

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    Thanks for the guide !
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    I prefer roll into 4g balls after using a pressing screen wrapped in cloth to remove about 95% of the water. I then let the balls cure in a cool dark spot for a week.

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    Hmm i want some :D


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