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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by TyLandrum, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. TyLandrum

    TyLandrum Registered

    Hey guys,

    Just got my first bubbler, but I can't figure out how to ash it without spilling water. Any tips?

  2. melodious fellow

    melodious fellow Registered+

    i am assuming the bubbler does not have a slide you can just pull out to empty bowl?

    if going through water, one can usually just suck super hard when the bowl is about cashed and the ash will suck through and go into the water....then you can pack another

    peace :)
  3. TyLandrum

    TyLandrum Registered

    I use a bubbler pipe with a carb on the left side. I have yet to see a bubbler with a slide. Also, I don't know if sucking will work because I normally use a pebble or glass screen in my pipes. Thanks, though.
  4. Zonyc

    Zonyc Registered+

    dont use a screen, if its a bubbler, you should change the water everytime you use it.
  5. Ub3rB0ng

    Ub3rB0ng Registered+

    there are bubblers with a slide, I have one.
  6. DroKing

    DroKing Registered+

    umm...if you use a bud grinder (which i would suggest) you have to use a screen unless you want all your shit to fall into the water.:stoned:
  7. Reefer Rogue

    Reefer Rogue Registered+

    Use a plug nug, (a little nug which blocks the hole) then pack your bowl. After you're finished, i would suggest emptying out all the water and then fill it up again. Making sure the bubbler's not blocked. If it get's blocked, use a cotton bud, rip off the cotton and jam the stick down the hole and remove the blockage. Also, hot water under the stem for a few minutes can get rid of a lot of rezin. A bubbler is fantastic, if it's clean and ready to use.
  8. expandingeye

    expandingeye Registered+

    i have a bubbler too and have this problem. Never seen a bub with a slide, that sounds pretty cool.
    Though for the problem i just go into my room and blow on it from above so it flys somewhere haha, it normally doesnt really make much of a mess. I never change the water after every bowl. too much work :wtf:
  9. friendoftheend

    friendoftheend Registered+

    I would say to either suck it through, or blow over the top of the bowl so all the ash just blows out..:jointsmile:
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  10. TeamShed

    TeamShed Registered+

    I just blow the ash out of mine.
  11. Mr. SMG

    Mr. SMG Registered

    Hah, I call it the base nug. But just blow into the bowl to get rid of the ash.
  12. rmrdr716

    rmrdr716 Banned

    i got a double bubbler so it might be a little diff but what i do is put a finger over the carb and the mouth piece and then tip it upside down. i hate when the ashes get wet before you dump them cuz they never come out lol
  13. linearvermin

    linearvermin Registered+

    I have used a bubbler with a slide (wish mine had one...) and they are very nice. Mine however doesn't and I just blow in the bowl and the ash goes right out.

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