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    So im sober and seem to be paying more attention to detail than usually in this state and noticed quite a few buckeyes in the forums. To all those from ohio, maybe even michigan, what do you think about the BCS championship?

    Well seeing that were supposed to be the underdog this year, hopefully the opposite effect happens to our boys this time. our not so distant faults are coming back another consecutive year and osu nation is hoping for a well deserved comeback.

    what do you think?
  2. ddbnsb

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    LSU fan here. I think it'll be a closer game than a lot of LSU fans think it'll be. LSU will win, but it will not be like the Florida - OSU blowout last year.
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    Well I live in Columbus, so Ill make more money if they win. Soo...

    Go Bucks!

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