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Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by JayRolla, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. JayRolla

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    First - I am new to this forum so if i put this in the wrong place, my aplogies, but i thought this might be a good start.

    So I have been smoking weed since about 16 or so (29 now) and cigarettes for the last 3 years.

    I've been trying for a year and half to stop the ciggs, but no luck. My doctor suggested and gave me a prescription for Chantix.

    She says it may curb my bud appetite, but she has patiets who it hasnt. I do not want to stop smoking bud, but these ciggies have GOT to go.

    i read on a few sites that taking chantix and smoking week can have some ill effects - wild dreams, an alomost chemical like high, insomnia. Has anyone used Chantix while still smoking bud?

    did you have any effects? I have the presciption waiting to be filled, but i refuse if its going to stop my desire for bud.

    thanks people :Rasta::stoned::smokin::Rasta::pimp::hippy:
  2. thcbongman

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    Didn't have any of those symptoms taking chantix. It affects everyone differently tho. And Chantix didn't work for me :*(
  3. Purple Banana

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    I'd be careful mixing weed and Chantix, simply because Chantix is a newer drug on the market; try using chantix while not on weed, and then slowly introduce weed to your regimen... Good luck, man.

    I'm glad I never started smoking cigs.
  4. Weedhound

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    Both my husband and I quit smoking using Chantix......and I smoked cigerettes for 30 years. I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY by how well it worked for both of us.

    We both still did our normal amount of weed and neither one of us had any problems with it at all. Everyone IS different though so be careful.
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  5. Markass

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    It takes a very strong mind, and a very strong desire to stay away from the consumption of tobacco...It's so readily available, and one of the most addictive substances you can get your hands on..I've quit smoking several times over the past few years, however cold turkey is the only way to quit...you can't use gum, patches, or a pill for it...because that only creates another thing replacing the cigarettes..if I remember correctly, this 'chantix' blocks the nicotine receptors...however, what happens when you don't take the pills?? You have to control your mind, and have the ability to realize that the only person or thing that can keep you from putting a cigarette in your mouth and lighting it is YOU. Over the past several years they've gradually increased nicotine levels in cigarettes...It's now harder than ever to quit smoking, but it's not impossible. I know this because I've done it without any quit smoking aides whatsoever..merely quitting putting them into my mouth and smoking them(period). You'll have to do the same if you wish to get this habit out of your lifestyle.
  6. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+

    Sorry Mark, I have to disagree. I would NEVER have been able to quit smoking without Chantix....it's that simple for me. I am a true addict/alcoholic and know much better (now that I've been through it a few times for a few different addictions) than to figure that I don't need.....or will use.....all the help and support I can get to overcome an addiction.

    Addictions kill.....use WHATEVER tools you have available to beat them. I consider Chantix a miracle for myself and my husband. Try it.
  7. Markass

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    My opinion stems from me isolating myself from any sort of medication other than something natural...I used marijuana to help with withdrawal effects, I had problems with dizziness, poor appetite, and for some reason felt physically exhausted..after about a week to a week and a half my lifestyle was changed and I enjoyed the benefits of not using tobacco..

    out of curiosity..do you have to continue using this chantix or is it only taken for a little while??
  8. Purple Banana

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    You're both right.

    Whatever works for you is what you should do.

    I think slowly weening youself from Chantix after reaching the desired level of 'quittingness' would help with the craving cessation effects, Markass, though I'm not sure.

    BEST OF LUCK! I'll be rootin' for ya :)
  9. Weedhound

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    Its a three month program.....we both quit smoking back in july and stopped taking the chantix in august. I had about one day where I wanted a cigerette since stopping the meds and that's it. Every once in awhile I'll have a thougt that a ciggie sounds good....but luckily since I have so much experience in the drinking addiction thing I can recognize it for what it is....a wish....as opposed to the craving or obsession I've had for such things in the past.

    I'm completely for folks who stop things on their own. All I'm saying (and I'm saying this from personal experience) is don't judge or look down on people who want help for overcoming their addiction.......or ANY problem for that matter. I'm VERY lucky not have died from alcohol addiction.....and I'm alive because i did get and had help. I don't feel people should be made to feel that they are wrong for getting and using whatever help/tools/support they can get. It can save some lives. :)
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  10. Purple Banana

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    That's a great attitude, Weedhound, and that's fantastic you're doing so well :D
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  11. Weedhound

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    Thanks PB.....Mark knows me well enough to know that he and I don't always see things the same way but we definitely respect each other's opinions. ;)
  12. Purple Banana

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    AND THAT'S WHAT I LOVE about this place.

    Why can't more people be like that?
  13. JayRolla

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    thanks for all the answer folks. I know myself tho, and chantix is what its going to take for me. I live with a smoker, friends are smokers, family are smokers and i had never picked up a cigarette until 3 years ago. yeah will power is what it ultimately takes, but i need a little boost. :)

    but back to chantix and bud, the things i have read say that it causes you to hallucinate. My doctor even suggested that i start it on the weekend, and not a work day. that would be awful, trying to tell someone how to fix their computer, all the while dreaming of riding the panther on harold and kumar. LOL.

    my only worry at this point is being around ciggie smokers all the time.

    thanks again.;)
  14. Dave Byrd

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    The possibility of hallucinatory response to Chantix has been reported with alcohol and in some patients when used alone, last time I read. They're about to begin to dispense that drug with some new warnings about potential alarming side effects, but it still works without bad reactions for plenty more folks. I'm all for people doing whatever works for them to quit. The goal is the quitting, not how you go about it that. I admire anyone who tries. It's a hard habit to kick.
  15. Trill67

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    Chantix and Marijuana

    I tried Chantix 2 years ago while I was smoking marijuana while I was going through chemo. The Chantix works very well for me and every other person that I PERSONALLY know. The reason why Chantix worked so well for me is because I was able to smoke while I took it. There was absolutely no will power involved. You just keep taking the pill and smoke and in a couple to few weeks you will not crave a gigarette and if you do smoke you will feel sick and it will taste really bad. But the marijuana high will be the same as it always was to you. The receptors CB1 and CB2 (cannabinoid receptors) are not affected by Chantix. The problem here I guess is that after you stop taking the pill and have quit smoking for a few months you are in danger of smoking cigarettes again because you ARE SMOKING!!! If you have another cigarette after months of not taking the pill, it will be a glorious return to your favorite brand of cigarettes. That is what happened to me. I am 1 week into starting it again and have learned my lesson. If you are going to smoke herb after Chantix, please resist the urge to smoke a cigarette again. Hope this helps
  16. henrybemis

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    A drug with a side effect list as long as Chantix's should not be taken by anyone, I firmly believe that. This is not a good drug, nor are most rx's.

    Think for a second. If a listed potential side effect of a drug you are taking is "suicidal thoughts", unless you're taking that drug to completely avoid DEATH then it is not worth the risk of having an uncontrollable urge to kill yourself. And if you're weak enough that you can't quit cigarettes under your own will power, then you're certainly weak enough that you can succumb to the suicidal thoughts that can come from taking this wonderful "medicine".

    Fuck that. Can I say that on here?
  17. alexford

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    Chantix is a pill that does not contain any nicotine. Chantix works by bonding itself to the nicotine receptors in the brain so that nicotine can not. This serves two purposes. Like nicotine replacement therapies, Chantix triggers the release of a small amount of dopamine to help calm nicotine cravings. But if you slip and smoke a cigarette, Chantix blocks the nicotine in the cigarette from being able to attach to the nicotine receptors in your brain.

    Typical Chantix side effects include:
    disruptions in dream pattern

    Also you can use zyban too to quit smoking. Check Emedoutlet.com to know more about these medications and side effects
  18. Gatekeeper777

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    OK , I smoke Cigarettes for 23 years at two packs a day. First thing in morning was two cigarettes back to back then start my day. My Grand father dies of throat cancer. A horrible death. I didn't want to go out like he did. So I wanted to stop but tried cold turkey and failed every time. My Doc gave me Chantix and I was done smoking in 3 weeks and it's been 4 years and have not went back. Smoke MJ like a chimney at times and even sit with smokers and breath in the smoke with NO URGE to ask for one. Actually they smell gross. Like unwashed ass. They say people have thoughts of suicide on Chantix, but IMHO you need to have that mind set to begin with. THE POWER OF THE MIND! :thumbsup:

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