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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by BetterThanBeer, Aug 17, 2009.

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    Quick question about bud growth. My girls are in their sixth week of flowering and it seems like the bud growth has slowed way down or stopped. The plants still seem healthy and green just slowed growth (for the last 5-7 days).

    I can get into more (ie ph, soil light etc) but just wanted to know if this is normal for them to slow growth during the end of flower or if something may be wrong. I heard they put on weight the last two weeks and I am just not seeing it. Maybe it is just densing up, not sure. Any input is appreciated.
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    there is what's known as the 40/60 stetch. for the first 40% of the time the plant goes through "the stetch". the last 60% the buds start to fatten up.

    what do the trichs look like?

    what are you're temps like?

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  3. BetterThanBeer

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    Sorry, was gone for a bit.

    The tricks are beginning to turn cloudy and the hairs are roughly 20-30% amber. I have begun my flush just in case and have been doing so for a week now. We will see how they look at 8 weeks into flower. They are 7 weeks into flower today. They seem to have begun fattening up again, maybe their last horah before finishing.

    Hopefully will be done in a week or so, at least one of them. Do the remaining hairs and trichs begin turning quickly during the last few weeks?
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    I dont know what the significance of looking at the hairs is but if the trichs are just beginning to turn cloudy you want to wait until they are at least completely cloudy and a little bit amber before harvesting.
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    Just went and took a nice look at them and came up with this. They seem to be pretty much 50/50 clear/cloudy. There is a sporadic amber, but not many. However, on one plant half the hairs are orange, the other two plants are still mostly white hairs. Does this matter at all, should I just ignore the hairs? The plants also do not seem to have tons of yellow leaves like I expected. I have had a few of course and some leaves fall off each day, but the majority of the plant is still green. Not sure if this matters either.

    I have begun flushing (for about a week) and will continue doing so until harvest. I was thinking of harvesting them on Sat. Sept 5th (another 10 days from now). Do you think I am safe with that time table?
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    It's all about the trichomes my brother. forget the hairs.

    Like the man said you really want them all cloudy and some amber mixed in. The clear tric's will giver you that weird geeky buz and the amber are more narcotic and take the edge off. It's a matter of personal choice but I like about 80% cloudy 20% amber. No clear or very few anyway. Your getting there. Another week or two just keep watching them.
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