bud on leaf?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by triangle14510, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. triangle14510

    triangle14510 Registered

    hi has anyone ever seen a bud growing out of the center of a fan leaf? odd ? what causes this?will post pic when I get a chance.
  2. bigtopsfinn

    bigtopsfinn Registered+

    Yes, yes, I dunno, please do!:jointsmile:
  3. kittymom

    kittymom Registered

    Wow! That sounds so wierd! Def want to see that pic..
  4. nuteboy

    nuteboy Registered

    I had some outdoor plants last year and I spoted one of the flowers growing from a fan leaf. I picked it and smoked it cause I knew that I was smoking some of the rarest pot in the world. It has to be right. I dont know what causes it but every one that I showed the pic to were amazed and had never seen anything like it. My thoughts are to never let the plants that are not perfect breed. Kill the genetics, dont let them pass on the mutation to offspring.
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  5. dejayou30

    dejayou30 Registered+

    Who's to say that this new genetic mutation will not lead to a better plant in the end? Evolution, which is what a mutation is the beginning of, has no end objective of perfection and only selects traits that are beneficial. I think buds growing on fan leaves would be beneficial because its another bud site, but who knows...

    And yes, please post pics because I am curious as hell.
  6. Greenthing

    Greenthing Registered+

    This thread is not worth shit without photos.:hippy:
  7. nuteboy

    nuteboy Registered

    Well a flower that blocks a fan leaf(the main sorce of energy) cant be that good now can it? :wtf:
  8. bigtopsfinn

    bigtopsfinn Registered+

    Fan leaves don't always get 100% light exposure anyways, and a bud is the best thing you could have to block light from a leaf, IMO. I remember StinkyAttic also saying that this would be a beneficial trait. We miss Stinky!
  9. triangle14510

    triangle14510 Registered

    will be posting pics today.check it out strangest thing I have ever seen.thanks for the feedback.
  10. triangle14510

    triangle14510 Registered

    here they are

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  11. nuteboy

    nuteboy Registered

    bigtops. How do you get big tops? Do you get big tops when you cut off all the fan leaves and pack 25 plants under a 1000w bulb or are the top better when you take good care of all parts of the plant and spread the plants out to 4 plants per 1000w bulb.( thats what I do) When fan leaves are covered up they dont do much but add humidity to the room. The best yeilds I ever had were with 4 plants per 1000w blub. Fan leave are way more impotant then most think. That is why they are there. God put them there, not me. Post to him.

    More bud sight are not aways better.
    Fuckn smart ass
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  12. bigtopsfinn

    bigtopsfinn Registered+

    Check out my grow log...

    When did I ever say anything about cutting off fan leaves? Go back and read.

    They store energy for the plant, and fall off when they are no longer useful. The fact that the plant grows vertically and not horizontally means that fan leaves are not always going to get 100% light exposure, especially towards the bottom.

    See the pic? The bud is not covering the leaf, it's right in the middle, so it block hardly any light from hitting the leaf.

    Thats your opinion, I was only sharing my own as well as one of the old moderator's opinion about this.

    WOW...Totally uncalled for.

    Good times :jointsmile:
  13. bigtopsfinn

    bigtopsfinn Registered+

    Here's the other thread, with the expert's opinion...


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