Bud Smells Like Grean Tea...Bad???

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by SunnyD, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. SunnyD

    SunnyD Registered+

    Is this bad? I can't tell if it's cause it's chemmy or if that's just "what it is" you know?...I've smelled some really awesome bud (favorite being one that smelled and tasted like a steak with A1 sauce!!)

    Anyone here have any ideas? I don't wanna smoke it if it's chemmy...

    I'll post pics if you want em
  2. SunnyD

    SunnyD Registered+

    Pic of buds

    I'm getting REALLY strong Green Tea smell...I did have two servings of green tea early this morning but I doubt that would have this much influence on my smelling sense...

    Now I know it's not me cause I showed it to a friend of mine earlier today and I just asked him about it and he said he could totally smell it too


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  3. SunnyD

    SunnyD Registered+

    Will do ;)

    If anyone else has any thoughts feel free to let me know
  4. GartthyTheGreat

    GartthyTheGreat Registered+

    Dude, the bud I have now also sorta smells like Green Tea. It was intense :D
  5. anbesol

    anbesol Registered+

    Shit dude? Green tea? UR GONNA DIE!!!! ... j/k haha lol. smoke up. your good!
  6. ldg420

    ldg420 Registered+

    Smoke Away!!!!!!!!:stoned:
  7. LuciferN

    LuciferN Registered+

    SO ???

    So how is the smoke ? Smooth ?
    And the buzz ??
    Let us know !
  8. SunnyD

    SunnyD Registered+

    You know that feeling where you are fucking tired, but you can't go to sleep cause your awake?

    I slept like a baby last night, yes! But you know then the cat had to go and let me know she ws hungry...gotta love em though

    The smoke is smooth especially since I'm smoking out of my little black bubbler, and about 3 minutes after the first hit I could feel the back of my eyeballs. It kicked my ass

    Thanks guys

    And LuciferN sorry I was late, I passed right out my friend after an hour of tv...can't remember what was on...I think it was some comic on Comedy Central...
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  9. TheMetal1

    TheMetal1 Registered+


    It's all good :hippy:

    You've just got a case of the Beasters. I'm sure this will be said in ALL of the thousands of threads on the Beast... but here goes:

    Yeah... it could be chemmy. Commercially grown and fed up close to harvest. Packaged sans proper dry and cure, so it could be damp and lack typical Cannabis odor. Supremely dense nugs and round shape due to kief processing... yes... they snake your trichs :( Poorly manicured.... somewhat harsh.

    Opinions go ALL across the board in where it comes from and whatever... but it's probably called Beaster because it comes from... yup... BC. Talk of asian gang distribution comes up... who knows :Rasta: People say that you are wasting your money... I disagree. Although it doesn't taste or smell amazing, it will do the job. Usually (hopefully) pretty inexpensive. Some try to pass it off for 50's.... nahgannahappen.

    As far as genetics... judging from past research and your pics, it is most likely M39 which I believe is mainly Indica, but was bred by Super Sativa Seed Club so there is some confusion on the boards as to that. Commonly sold now as Shiva Skunk which is NL #5(Basic #5) x Skunk #1 which is labeled as Indica dominant.

    But yeah, pics look typical. Google it. If there was such a thing as a "controversial" strain... the Beast would be it :jointsmile:

    Edit: Just noticed you found it smooth through a bubbler... Good choice! I was going to recommend using a waterpipe due to it's tendency to torch and scorch... you're... ummm.... porch? Shit what rhymes with scorch that fits? Ahh... I got like 3 minutes to edit again. Wish me luck!
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  10. JD1stTimer

    JD1stTimer Registered+

    Heh, I still bet it's better than the brick we get here. Somehow we haven't quite gotten into the HG scene, maybe on account of heavy trafficking of drugs and money going through a crossroads that I drive through every day, and heavy heavy narcotics interdiction activity. They are always snooping around, sending spies into the universities to mingle with the students but never really show up in class except occasionally as a benchwarmer.. etc etc. I met one of those campus detectives once... lol what a douchey job, know what I mean? Your whole job is to pose as a student and watch anime in the Union basement theatre or some shit like that... and bust on people who you find out smoke pot... wow that would suck. :wtf:

    Anyways, we get brick for anywhere from $25-50 for a half o. Always brown, you're usually never sure whether the nug you're holding is one or two, and the quality ranges from extremely seedy and leafy to dense flowers, little leaves, and just maybe 15 seeds in a quarter ounce, many of them undeveloped. It still gets you high though. Oh and you can get dro for $20/gram lol.

    There's something here we call popcorn, they say it's the smaller buds of professional grows where some stray pollen leaked in and lightly pollinated what should have been sensi, so the smaller bits of flowers were not even trimmed and the big colas evidently go somewhere else, maybe the wealthy college students at the big schools. So they say even though you have some cleaning up to do (Lots of stems and somewhat leafy, but few if any seeds. Probably a novice gardener.) it's like indo at a better price. This goes for anywhere from $40/half with a close friend/coworker hookup to $80/half o. Are we getting decent prices around here?
  11. SunnyD

    SunnyD Registered+

    for $20 / gram that better be the best fucking bud you've ever smoked, I get my kill for $10 / gram but whatever...

    A close friend of mine gets his doses in 1/8 th oz. sizes for 60 so I assume that your half oz. for 80 is dirt?

    But we're not gonna talk about drug trafficking here anymore
  12. justsmile

    justsmile Registered

    I got some bud thats smells very herbal like tea. Lots of trichomes (crystals)
    which as most of you know get you higher then the hairs.
    Its good shit. Wish I knew what it was called, One philly and I was ripped for a while.
    Love how some people say they only get a "buzz"
    They just don't know how to smoke then.

  13. Juggnoxalo

    Juggnoxalo Registered+

    i've had some shit that's smelled like green tea before but it looked different than your buds, still got me ripped though. enjoy your smoke buddy.
  14. Charbud

    Charbud Registered+

    I have had the reverse, i had pesto that smelled kinda like bud. Put it on my pasta and i swore i could smell some chron !
  15. Islandborn

    Islandborn Registered+

    Dont think Id call that a positive factor with my weed.....green tea smell? I'll shop elsewhere.
  16. sickity

    sickity Registered

    I'll tell you what, you send it my way and I will let my lungs take the hit to see if it is green tea you are smoking....fair enough?
  17. BlueBlazer

    BlueBlazer Registered+

    I bought a box of Earl Grey and it smells like dank. wtf?!? :wtf:

    No wonder that dude always looks spaced . . .

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  18. Ub3rB0ng

    Ub3rB0ng Registered+

    Since tea comes from leaves and not from buds,sent it our way if you arent sure hehe ;) :thumbsup::jointsmile:
  19. JohnnyZ

    JohnnyZ Registered+

    Quick! Everyone in the time machine!
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  20. jimmy8778

    jimmy8778 Registered+

    we get some good kb or nugs that smell like green tea sometimes, we actually call them green tea nugs, and they are pretty good, nothing like the dank but still better than any stinky mids, or shitty kb.

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