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Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by nugz1977, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. nugz1977

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    Has anyone heard of or using the software bud tracker? I hear it is an awesome app that pretty much allows you to monitor ph, ec, tds, temp, humidity, lights and some other items. It can be a pain to measure multiple times per day and having it tied into software with alerts and logging is ideal. Please tell me your experience with this software before I purchase
  2. Daddynobucks

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    Do Tell

    What does it cost? Does it control or just monitor and record?

    What is the input signal analog or Digital

    checkout my thread "my Ph controller"

  3. tinytoon

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    I googled it and came back with 3 possibles. 2 were posts made by our author and the other 1 is from 2007 when someone was developing something but it never says exactly what :wtf:
  4. Daddynobucks

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    Just what I found also

    more info on something called BUG tracker

  5. nugz1977

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    I dont believe it is released yet but I will post again once I find out. It uses both analog and digital. Don't believe it is a control device, monitor only.

    from what i read bud tracker will be relatively cheap for the software itself because there is also cost for the devices you need like a ph, ec, tds probe, temp/humidity sensors and whatever else you want to monitor. what i like is once i have this setup i can then setup logging and alerts directly to my email or smart phone. how nice would it be to setup a range for your ph that is being read every hour and get an alert on your phone that attention is needed?
  6. nugz1977

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    Actually I stand corrected you can control things as well like relays (on/off), water flow or pumps. Cool stuff why is no one hardly doing this?
  7. tinytoon

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    Well Daddy built his own and it came out real nice :thumbsup:
    But like you said software not available yet and when I googled it the most resent post was from 2008.

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