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Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by thecurious1, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. thecurious1

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    Very simple. You can't tell bud weight by simply looking at it. This gets brought up ALL the time and people continue to believe you can. You can't...period.

    Different strains have different densities.

    So how do I tell?

    A) Buy a cheap $15 electronic scale on ebay or some other online store.

    B) Buy a letter scale. They cost like $1-3

    C) Use american nickles (they weigh 5 grams) and compare them in a bag with the bag of bud.

    Example: You buy a 1/4 and want to know if you got majorly ripped. Take the bud and move it to one corner of the baggy. Place 3 nickles (15 grams) in the corner of another baggy. Compare weight of the two baggies.

    Obviously B and C are not as accurate (specially C) but bottom line....

    You can't tell the weight of bud with your eyes.
  2. rollinKansas

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    I 1000000% agree, too many people are "experts" here, adn think they know
  3. bralasta

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    Too right all you can realy do is estimate it but you could never get it close maybe if your lucky within a couple of grams but that is it thats why i have my trusty scales that i swapped for 2s on a spliff.
  4. dopeman420

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    u cant tell weight from a picture but if u got the weed in front of u its pretty easy to eye it out

    KING KUSH Registered+

    no its not!!! especially if it's dense or completly compressed!
  6. Krogith

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    When you have seen weed for 10+ years and grow your self you can look at a bud and get a pritty accurate weight from picking it up and looking at denceness. Now i could not tell you from a pic of some bud im saying if i looked at some that was in front of me i could tell you pritty close it's weight.
  7. LIP

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    Exactly, with a pic no one knows what the buds like, might be all fluffy and weigh nothing, or it might be really compressed and way alot.

    IT even might be wet... so they is obviously gunner be putting more wight onto the final product.

    Basically, no one can give an accurate estimation of weight...
  8. Fengzi

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    Yep, it's way to hard to tell from a pic. Take a look at the pic below. What would your guess be? If someone posted this pic, saying they bought an 1/8th and asking if they were ripped off I'm sure 90% of people here would say "yes". It weighed out to 3.1 grams, just really dense dank. Ok, ok, an 1/8th should be 3.5 (it actually came from a 3 bud 1/4 ), but who would think it would even be close?

    Best thing to do is to buy an inexpensive scale off e-bay. Not only will you know you're not getting ripped off but it will also end those "your 1/2 is bigger than mine" arguments with your friends when you split a bag.

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  9. Insane

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    Check this out! :)

    It's my largest bud from my last crop :D

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  10. Dealer Number 1

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  11. rollinKansas

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    wow....insane owes me a new pair of underwear. was that the cola?
  12. Insane

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    It's the main cola from my best hawaiian sativa plant. Last summer made little outdoor experiment with 10 seeds. The hole plant was about 2 pounds when i cut it down :) My next crops so close & i still got 4-5 pounts from that hawaiian stuff & don't know what to do it! Maybe will sell it hehehe :p
  13. toke it up 420

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    i want weed!
  14. Insane

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    Hmm dunno, e-mail me if you want...
  15. cloudz

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    i agree with dopeman, i can eye out bud fairly accurate, regardless of it being dense, fluffy, or whatever....if you cant man maybe you havent been around it long enuf, or aren't into it, but as a enthusaist and ex. dealer, i can sure eye things out...nobody is saying they can eye out a pound to the gram, but for something like a quarter i can get very close....dealing with 1/8's i can get within a 0.1-0.2, plus usually wen you acquire weed whether u grew it or bought it, u realize its fluffy/dense after you smoke it...sorry for the novel :D
  16. Chochi_e

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    I get its hard but tell but

    K. but on average about how much does a bud weigh?
  17. low_rdr

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    You've got small branch nuggets that can go from .0125 grams all the way up to top colas that can come in at 5 pounds (maybe bigger) So the average between the two is 2.5 pounds. (heh, right...) So the average bud weights 2.5 pounds. (If your reading this, please note its written with sincere sarcasm).

    To cover what's already been said, there is no average bud weight, because plants are different, conditions are different, every possible variable all the way down to humidity will effect the size of your buds, so nobody can tell you an average, there is no such thing. You can produce a single cola plant with a 2.5 pound cola, or a bush of the same strain that yeilds 6 pounds total... in both cases the bud size and weight will be different even if it tastes the exact same.
  18. tlranger

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    Still using triple beam.
  19. Shovelhandle

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    five US quarters is exactly an ounce. I use this to check my 1950s postage scale.
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