Budder (99.6% THC) Can you cook with it?

Discussion in 'Edibles' started by neko819, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. neko819

    neko819 Registered

    Has anyone tried cooking with "budder"? like just using a VERY small amount? I wonder if more/less is needed or if the effects last longer... etc etc. Any experience appreciated!
  2. LvT

    LvT Registered+

    could you explain what is ''budder''??
  3. donsolo

    donsolo Registered+

    I've never heard of it either. 99.6% THC sounds a little liberal of an estimate though
  4. Coelho

    Coelho Registered

    Well... IMHO, using budder for cooking would be the greatest waste ever done... budder is almost pure THC, and its potency comes from it... you smoke it, and almost instantly all the THC is into your bloodstream... yet when you smoke normal weed, it takes several hits (so several minutes) until all the THC be into your bloodstream... and as the faster the THC enters your bloodstream as higher you get, it explains why budder makes you higher than weed.
    Cooking with it would be an waste because when the THC is ingested, it takes some hours until it be digested and enter into the bloodstream, which makes the weed edibles effect be far slower than smoked weed. So, wouldnt make any difference to the effects you would get if you use budder or schwag when making the edibles, as with both it would take some hours until the THC be absorved and start to work.
    So, if you can get budder, smoke it! Cook with not-so-good weed! :thumbsup:
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  5. neko819

    neko819 Registered

    ok thanks for the info!
  6. chisme

    chisme Guest

    ive never heard of budder,

    ive heard of honey oil, and isolator but budder?
  7. neko819

    neko819 Registered

    its close, in a way, to honey oil... but not exactly. its made by a guy in Vancouver and available for order from some online websites. its pretty expensive ($80/gram) but each gram has roughly 40 "hits", each of which is like smoking a couple of GREAT bowls. You can take a pin or a paperclip, dab a sand-grain size amount on it, and smoke it. But the smoking method is awkward because of the very very small amount (requires a hot knife). So i thought maybe eating it would be a more "portable" alternative. But I have no idea if cooking it would hurt the THC or something similar. I'm 99% sure if i just threw a grain in with some hot oil or butter i could use it, but just wanted to see if anyone had some experience with it. The high is quite pure and lasts quite a while, i wonder if the "eating" high is different in any way.
    Well i'm rambling now.... Peace
  8. donsolo

    donsolo Registered+

    I just want to point out that the tradeoff for slow rampup is that the effects last a long time.
  9. Coelho

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    Well... maybe you would like to try the way i use to smoke hash oil... its far easier than using hot knives... look at:

    Well... when i said it was an waste, i didnt mean that cooking it would destroy the THC or anything like this... of course if you use budder to make cannabutter, surely you will get high from it, but the high will be the same as if you had used (enough) mids instead budder. Thats why i said it was an waste... it is like to buy a supercomputer to calculate 1+1.

    Thats right... but you also need far more weed...
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  10. The Dude Of Life

    The Dude Of Life Registered+

    99.6% sure?
  11. donsolo

    donsolo Registered+

    you guys have diverged too much.

    Man, it takes about 1/4oz (read 7 grams) of mids to make 12 brownies. 1 bowl = about .5g? It's not THAT much more.
  12. OntarioToker69

    OntarioToker69 Registered+

    Cooking with Budder would be a time consuming waste.
    you could sit around with 4 friend and all get ripped(like to the moon) on a .2 or a .3 of budder if it's smoked.
    why take the time To cook it and waste it when it's already a powerful concentrate,when you could use some decent buds To make High potency edibles.
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  13. w33dsp34k

    w33dsp34k Registered+

    I want to smoke this so called "budder"
  14. JaySin

    JaySin Registered+

    You don't need far more. Take cannabis capsules for example. Since the effects last so long, you use far less weed.
  15. Its funny how because these people havent heard of budder its fake. Budder is real and yes it is 99.6% THC and like the guy said its very very similar to honey oil.
  16. OntarioToker69

    OntarioToker69 Registered+

    The joke's on you,youre never going to get to smoke it:D
  17. OntarioToker69

    OntarioToker69 Registered+

    (Continued message to Dude of Life)

    Budder is Very Real My Friend reasearch Budder And Dr.Paul Hornby.
    I Will Take A Hit Of Some Budder right Now and say a Prayer to The CannaGods for your Lost Soul.Oh I Almost Forgot,
    This Budder was extracted from Romulan,a strain known for its overwhelming narcotic stone.

    Have a Nice day And Pleasent Tommorow :jointsmile:
  18. OntarioToker69

    OntarioToker69 Registered+

    Alot Of People Haven't heard of Budder.Apparently The Budderking Discovered Budder While experimenting with Cannabis Honey Oil,
    as a Teen.I believe it's based on the traditional BHO extraction method.I Read an interview with the budderking and he talked about the pre-budder days when he invented something called Glass,This was A very Crude Type of budder that was probably 60-70% THC.I Think He Worked on Refining this Recipe for a while before it became the budder we all know and love.
  19. MadSativa

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    BUtter is a butan hash extraction method. it is even eaiser than the isolator extraction if you have a honey bee or simular device. Google the Honey Bee Extractor and you will see what I mean. dont worrie the butan completely evaporates by the time you smoke it.

    Again, you put far to much thought intoo it.
  20. AliceDee

    AliceDee Registered+

    I think the only reason to use budder for cooking would be for flavor, but other than that I think I would save the budder for smoking. I would like to try some budder tincture sometime though, but I bet It would make some really good edibles lol :thumbsup:
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