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    Cannabis Culture editor Dana Larsen, who has sampled some of the best cannabis extracts from around the world, says Budder ranks at the top of the list.

    Budder is best smoked with hot knives. The ideal method would be to heat up a single knife with a propane torch, and touch a small amount of Budder on the end of a safety pin to it. Then inhale the resulting smoke!

    One gram of Budder contains approx. 40 hits, making this product dollar-for-dollar the most economical way to experience the full medical benefits of cannabis.

    Here's a link on Budder:

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    im already savin up BM ull hear from me again in a few weeks ;) im deffianlty getting some budder.
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    damn i want some of this

    do they have bud budder in LA? What's the price for a gram? and can you smoke it in a pipe?
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    Budder is only made by one guy, The Budder King. He lives in Vancouver and the only place to get it is from budmail. It's 80 dollars Canadian a gram. I'm sure it's well worth it though. I've heard it's some crazy potent stuff!
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    Anyone with a lot of posts from a place other then the USA wanna remail for me?
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    I would remail, but I live in the UK.. thats like, a million miles away from Canada and the US, it wouldnt be worth the hassle.. plus im broke at the moment lol

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